Chronicles of Eltheryon: The Awakening

Robyn Quacey never knew what was awaiting her in life until the day she took a wrong turn home. Crossing the borders to the newly found land of Eltheryon, shes uncovered by elemental royalty whom are desperate to know her identity and what brought her there. Little does she know of the darkness which seeps over the kingdoms and her role in all of this.
An adventure unravels before her eyes, an adventure held within the walls of war, love and betrayal.


4. The chase

As Robyn exited her last class with Ethan by her side, she headed towards her locker and took out the few books she had brought along with her as well as her jacket.

"You could help me escape you know.", Robyn added, looking at Ethan hopefully.

He moved his eyes to the side, inching her to look in a far corner. After a short period of being destabilized, she realized that he was showing her Ms. Rivendale staring at her, ready to pounce if she attempted to leave.

"You know I would help you Sidekick, but the hawk is looking at us.", he said in a low voice, passing a hand through his clean cut hair.

"Knowing her I'll be here till midnight.", Robyn whispered while closing her locker. Mrs. Rivendale was known for keeping students for long periods of times. All students having to do torturous math exercises for hours on end. Robyn, as well as about a bajillion other students around the wold, hated math.

"Hey, don't stress, you'll come out of it alive, you always do.", Ethan stated while flashing her the well known smile, patting her head and leaving. His warm silhouette slowly escaping her eyesight.

Eager to be off school ground as soon as possible, she walked towards Mrs. Rivendale. Her thoughts mainly concentrated on how fast a person could fake doing math exercises without getting devastatingly bored.



Detention was torture. The moment Robyn had handed in sheets of completed work to her teacher, she had just given her more and more, till not a simple trace of happiness on Robyn's face was detectable. When Robyn was finally given the opportunity to leave, she instantly sprinted out of the classroom, sure that Mrs. Rivendale would give her more work if she took too long to act.

Making her way on the outside streets, Robyn slowed her pace. Attempting to keep herself warm, she tried zipping her leather jacket up. She couldn't understand the sudden weather change over the past week, the bright spring weather had suddenly changed to fall, the wind suddenly feeling as if it wanted to pierce her lungs. The weather, as strange as it sounded, was colder than the mornings had been and by the look of it, it would stay that way for a while longer.

Robyn was about half way down her usual path when she heard a strange sound. It sounded as though someone had stepped on a few branches on their attempt of walking. She ignored it, thinking that it might be an animal on the loose which had emerged form the woods nearby. She saw animals coming out of the woods all the time.

But after a few instants, she heard the noise again, this time followed by heavy breathing. The breathing was hoarse and was definitely not ones of a cat.

Instant fear crept into Robyns mind, a list full of possible outcomes appearing within instants, dreading every worst ending.

Continuing to walk at a normal pace to not give any clues to her follower, she silently tried to fish out her phone from her coat pocket. Her hand jerked when she didn't find a slight technological object there, she must've left it at home when she was late the earlier morning. She attempted to look for her keys. There were nowhere to be found either. She mentally cursed, the two objects that could've almost guaranteed her safety were not on her whatsoever.

She accelerated her pace.

Chills ran down her body as the sound of footsteps and heavy breathing intensified. She attempted to turn around and when she finally got a sight of the shadow approaching she nearly screeched. The male figure was completely covered in  black clothes that hugged his skin. The persons face was untraceable, covered by some type of scarf or something, but what worried Robyn the most was what was in the strangers hand. A glinting silver knife was violently placed between the followers fingers and by the look of it, he knew how to use it.

Robyn's eyes widened with fear as she no longer thought of walking, and like all teenagers do in a panicked situation, instead of thinking rationally and strategically, she started running like a madman to her house. Her heart was beating at a rapid pace, hovering over her thoughts in an alarming matter, the beats echoing through her body, preventing her form thinking of anything but her survival. She heard footsteps following her in a rushed, intimidating way, she slightly attempted to ignore it, determination suddenly overwhelming her. Arriving at her doorstep, she knocked loudly at the door.

No one answered.

Desperately, she started screaming.

Her screams hollowed and she thought that of all the times that she lived in an empty neighborhood, this was one of the first times she largely regretted living in the quaint area of a city, where she could go to no one for help.

Without any ideas surging in her mind, and with the possible murderer approaching at a terrifying speed she did what was an instinct, an awfully dumb instinct. She ran across her street and jumped over the low gate surrounding the location of Walter Mansion. Alexs story resurging  in her mind, she either had the choice in between getting thrown away by a "force field" or getting stabbed by a possible murderer. She settled for the first decision.

The ancient manor's steps creaked loudly as Robyn mounted them, the wood feeling as if it would break upon the slightest amount of weight overbearing them. Whilst arriving at the front of the chipped ancient door, she eagerly placed her hand on the wilted gold door handle, praying that it would not be locked.

Having the first ounce of good luck all day, the door opened to her touch as she pounded inside, not wanting to know how close her follower was. She abruptly shut the door behind her, placing her full body weight against it, and turned around, ready to find the slightest bits of heavy furniture to jam against the door.

Almost instantly, she heard loud knocks pounding against the feeble houses entrance.

Panicked, she took a step forward.

It was then, at that precise moment, overcome with the fear of needing to escape, that something strange happened.

As Robyn lifted her head, what she saw was not the wooden staircase she was expecting, neither the ceilings adorned with the ancient chandeliers which she usually saw from the windows outside.

What she saw before her was an aspect of nothingness.

Everything before her eyes was one color and one color only: white.

She turned around trying to search for the door that she had entered a few instants ago, but it was nowhere to be found. 

Robyn was lost.

Lost in the midst of the unknown.

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