Chronicles of Eltheryon: The Awakening

Robyn Quacey never knew what was awaiting her in life until the day she took a wrong turn home. Crossing the borders to the newly found land of Eltheryon, shes uncovered by elemental royalty whom are desperate to know her identity and what brought her there. Little does she know of the darkness which seeps over the kingdoms and her role in all of this.
An adventure unravels before her eyes, an adventure held within the walls of war, love and betrayal.


3. Anomalies at Walter mansion

"I can't believe I have to go to detention after school!", Robyn exclaimed in an irritated voice, cursing in her thoughts to how dumb she could've been.

"Well, you didn't exactly hand in your assignment and you know Mrs. Rivendale, no homework equals detention.", said Yuri in her usual lecturing tone. Her long black hair slightly moved back and forth as Robyn and her had just exited their previous class. Her tall elegant figure reflected her studious self perfectly and amidst all the perfect characteristics that stood out, Yuri was mostly known for her wild traits. Her family, originally from Japan, had moved just a few years ago and although she did not have many close friends, her down to earth flirtatious character endlessly drew people towards her.

"It's not exactly my fault though... I forgot it by my bedside.", Robyn mumbled under her breath.

Yuri simply looked at her, shook her head and smiled.

"You and your strange situations. Something always has to happen to you."

Robyn arrived at her locker, putting the few books she had brought in it and turned back to Yuri.

"What can I say? Bad luck loves me."

A sudden movement closed Robyn's locker door.

"I think it does cause the prices of cafeteria food went up today.", Ethan said overhearing the girls conversation whilst arriving with his friend Alex. He looked Robyn's way and threw her the recently bought sandwich.

"Even if your name technically originates from a form of bird, you eat way more. Your parents should've called you Elephant or T-rex, something more suiting for your abnormal appetite." , Ethan said with a wink, awaiting the usual glare or comeback in his direction.

As expected, it happened.

" This coming from the guy who wants to call himself Batman?", Robyn replied instantly, readying herself for a battle of words that was about to take place. She relinquished the moments of sarcastic word fighting spent by Ethan's side. They had been doing it since they were children and it never got old.

"Well considering the fact that I bought you lunch because you're too poor to afford it-", he started off.

" I was in a hurry this morning!"

"Yes, I think we all remember your half-pillow-imprinted-on-face arrival in class.", he paused,seeing Robyn's annoyed look, he urged to continue, knowing he would win the current battle." All this to say, the bat takes care of the robyn in this case and you owe me five bucks."

He pointed to the sandwich and made an eager gestion with his fingers.

Alex instantly started cracking up while Yuri shuffled a smile and took out a notebook.

Robyn, feeling as defeated as she had all day, looked at Yuri's notebook and sighed. Ethan's name had a big 329 written down across while Robyn's name only had 291 etched near. Yuri strangely liked keeping tabs on the word fights, she had once admitted that it would prevent long irritating fights between Ethan and Robyn concerning who had won the most battles. In this case, Ethan was the sure winner.

Robyn looked at her wrapped sandwich and looked back at Ethan who had started a conversation with Alex and Yuri on a recent movie he had seen. Something between the group always felt unsettling, but it had felt a little like so ever since Ethan and Yuri's breakup which had occurred over a year ago. According from what she had heard on both of her friends story line, it had been a mutual breakup, one that was caused by the loss of feelings of love towards one another. But they had promised themselves one thing, to stay the best of exes, and they did. They always laughed by each others sides and had constant occuring conversations. Robyn couldn't help feeling a spark between them and was truly happy with the fact that her two closest friends did not chose to end things in a saddening way.But better yet, Ethan was always like that. Although as sarcastic and funny as any joker, when it came down to the ones he loved, he always approached the subject in a mature and sophisticated way.

Lost in the moment, she couldn't help noticing his built and lean figure placed carefully on her locker.

Not to brag but Robyn knew her best friend was good looking. Hell, he got asked out by girls continuously. He was tall and looked slightly tanned in the white t-shirt he was wearing. His jet black hair had recently been cut short and his eyebrow piercing, although not suitable on many people, brought out his hazel eyes in a more alarming matter. His smile was one of the few that Robyn had etched in her mind and she sometimes wondered why he didn't wear it at all times.

Once in a while she though about what would happen if they were more than just friends. But she always ended up pushing the thought at the far back of her mind, never wanting to injure the friendship that they had spent a lifetime creating. She would never want to hurt Yuri either, it was just wrong. What she felt for Ethan was different. She saw him as a figure who she couldn't live without, but the subject of "being in love with him" was a different thing altogether. She simply didn't love him in the way that people expected her to. 

Pushing the repeating thought as far as she could she unwrapped the sandwich and took a large bite into it.




A few minutes later, Caitlin arrived and they all went to go find a place to sit down. Ethan looked at Robyn crunching up the sandwich's rapping and lifted his eyebrow.

Robyn couldn't stop herself from laughing, she had finished the sandwich pretty fast, just as he had predicted. Maybe she should've been called "Elephant" after all.

Eventually,unable to hold back, Alex bursted with a story he was dying to tell everyone. He always was the hyper childlike kind of guy, always ready to tell witty with new stories.

"Did you guys hear what happened at Walter Mansion yesterday?", he said in an unerved matter, his blue eyes glowing with curiosity and a look of amusement. 

"Let me guess, someone was able to burn the house down?", Ethan said while yawning. He was slowly trying to position himself into a comfortable position, unaware of the fact that the seating arrangements in cafeterias weren't known for having the slightest cushioning whatsoever.

"An axe murderer emerged from the house?", suggested Caitlin, looking surprised. 

Before Alex could say another word, Yuri interrupted him.

"Maybe old man Walters ghost emerged from the house and gave blue eyes here a lesson on how to dress."

The whole group laughed at Yuri's comment, Caitlin holding down on her waist, preparing for the so called "lauging cramps". 

" Oh. Ha. Ha. ", Alex said while waving his hands . "No, as a matter of fact all of you are wrong. It happens that the construction company that wanted to take the house down couldn't. They brought in bulldozers and everything but for some reason the house wouldn't budge, it wouldn't allow itself to be destroyed."

"Always though there was something strange about that house.", Caitlin said, shrugging.

"Please, that's not even the best part.", he said sounding even more like a kid than his usual self.

"What's the best part blue eyes?", Yuri added nonchalantly.

Alex rolled his eyes at her and continued.

" After a while, the guy who was giving the orders got annoyed by the house. He sent some of his workers up to the porch with a couple of axes saying that he would take the house down slowly but instead-"

"Ha! I knew there was going to be an axe murderer involved!", exclaimed Caitlin in an amused voice.

"-as the workers were going up the steps they were all thrown back. Like, they went flying, as if some type of invisible barrier projected them. The closer they tried to get, the further away they were pushed, after a whole day on the site, the construction workers gave up. Walter Mansion property is once again unowned.", he said, out of breath.

All of them stayed silent for an instant before Yuri gestured everyone to look her way.

" You know, I believe that that Mansion is possibly haunted. But if "it" doesn't want to be touched, then people shouldn't try and take it down. It's been there for centuries hasn't it? Why be so eager to take it down now?."

The group looked at one another, each shrugging their shoulders and passing around questioning looks.

"Did you see anything unusual about the house yesterday, Robyn?", Yuri asked, looking Robyn's way.

"I saw construction workers, but nothing else.", Robyn said, nodding her head.

" But don"t you find it creepy, living in front of a haunted house?", Caitlin asked.

Robyn moved her shoulders in an uncaring way.

"Not really," she said looking at Caitlin's bewildered look,"Aunt Ellie doesn't really make a big deal out of it. Guess I just learnt to go along with her behavior regarding the house."

She looked around at her friends and seeing Ethan entering into his well known sleep mode mood, took the opportunity to snatch one of his fruits.


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