Chronicles of Eltheryon: The Awakening

Robyn Quacey never knew what was awaiting her in life until the day she took a wrong turn home. Crossing the borders to the newly found land of Eltheryon, shes uncovered by elemental royalty whom are desperate to know her identity and what brought her there. Little does she know of the darkness which seeps over the kingdoms and her role in all of this.
An adventure unravels before her eyes, an adventure held within the walls of war, love and betrayal.


6. A sudden encounter

The crack of light seemed unbearable when Robyn opened her eyes. Her muscles felt sore and yet her body felt lighter than it had in years. Slowly moving her head to the side, she felt largely curious as to where she was. It seemed that she was in what looked like an oversized bed, which troubled her due to her last known experience happening in what seemed like a desert of snow. Robyn shivered at the memory, her body felt cold even thinking about it.

Where am I?, she thought instantly.

Overcome with her usual interest, she stood up from the bed, pulling off the fort of silk sheets wrapped around her body. Feet finally touching a beautifully tiled warm floor, she gave a stronger look to her surroundings. She couldn't complain about the place she was "trapped" in, it was actually quite enjoyably beautiful, but it was who it belonged to which scared her. But after the previous events, Robyn had the feeling that this place made her feel at ease. Personally, at least a man with a knife was not chasing after her. Recounting memories she was eager to forget, she shook the thought, giving herself the pleasure to analyse the strange setting.

Robyn was instantly overwhelmed to the vision which layed before her.

Simplicity took over the decor of the room she was in. A large wardrobe was set to the side of the immense circular room, the walls on the other hand were ornated with a light shade of oak color and the borders of the doors were contoured with gold. As Robyn turned her head to the side of the room she noticed that most of the side wall was turned into shelves to hold numerous books. Most of the books, on the other hand, looked quite worn out, with bindings without titles and a certain encyclopedia look to them. Robyn brought her eyes to analyse other sections of the room, such as the delicate small mirror placed on the frontal wall and the countless shriveled sheets of papers spread upon the writing desk. But admist the stunning beauty of the ancient looking room, the light emerging from everywhere was what caught her attention. The light originated from the large widows which were spread out to cover most of the wall, they looked like glass, without it being so. The presence of these strange windows was what attracted Robyn to the massive door which lay partly between them.This French looking door was elegantly spiked on the top and carved with the most elaborate designs Robyn had ever seen. As she approached it, wondering if it lead to an exit, she placed her hand on the gold handle with eagerness. The beautifully ornated door opened to her slightest touch and Robyn silently pushed both sides of it, till all she saw was blinding sky.

Unlike what she had thought, the doorway did not lead to an easy exit, in fact she was standing on what looked like the longest suspended balcony she had ever seen. In fact, it seemed as though the balcony was floating midair, placed on the side of a high tower. Never one to be scared of heights, she took an desirous step forward and, placing her hands on the gold railings, was instantly overcome with surprise. Her mouth dropped as she looked at the outside surroundings which were not whatsoever home-like. 

"Where the hell am I?", she asked herself, this time aloud.

Her eyes pierced through her surroundings. High dreadful mountains overlooked the wealthy land covered with the most colorful plants Robyn had ever seen. Trees were everywhere, not a speck of urbanization took over the place till she gave herself the liberty to look lower down and see a couple of houses, built with what seemed to be, rocks? Bark? The description of them was unthinkable, not like anything she had ever seen. She saw people moving about the land, dressed in the strangest attires and moving towards a river which ran across the whole bright environment. Unconsciously, Robyn's eyes followed the rivers and were brought to a stop when the river entwined itself to a large forest. Unlike the other trees which decorated the lands, these were somewhat different. These trees were tightly stuck together as if protecting something. Big leaves, the size of cars, surrounded the trees, acting like a bigger barrier. Finally, little yellow specks seemed as though they were dancing around the whole woodland, but Robyn knew it was more than that.

Her heart pounded when she noticed a glint of light emerging from the center of the compacted woods. Squinting her eyes to see better amidst the sudden light, she noticed what seemed to be some kind of marble building. No, not a building, the structure seemed to look more like a temple or something of the sort, an ancient style enwrapped over it. For some reason, Robyn felt intensely entranced by the building and without notice, moved further along the balcony, as though hypnotized into doing so by an unknown power.

Step by step, her heart pounded faster, adrenaline took over her as she moved to the edge of the balcony, ready to do anything to get closer to the temple. So entranced, she screamed when a piercing sound filled the air, emerging from the temple.

Snapping out of her hypnosis, she turned around and , without looking, ran back to the door in a hurry, only to bump into a wall.

Robyn lost her balance as the wall tumbled before her.

"Umpf", a husky voice inhaled, taken over by the intensity of the contact.

Correction, as the boy tumbled before her.

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