Stockholm Syndrome

Reagan James is just a normal girl working in Starbucks. She has her own issues, especially regarding to her mother's life.
One cold day in December everything changes, she's mistaken for someone else.
She's taken away by the ladies man and superstar Harry Styles plus eight other young men and among them is a long lost friend.
She knows who Harry is, and all she wants is to get away.
What happens when Harry opens up and shows the real Harry Styles? Will she stay or still run away?

Hey guys!
I hope you like this! xx


9. 9

Chapter 9

Reagan's POV:

'Mom calm down, what's wrong?' I'm getting a little bit scared. 'I.. Killed.. A family..' She is crying like a baby 'How? What?' My heart starts racing, what the fuck is mom talking about?

'I wanted to surprise George at work and walked in on him banging some young fake blonde. I went to a bar and might have had a bit too much to drink, so I drove home, and I was just so sad and my head was spinning and I didn't see the car coming out of the driveway and I crashed into it, they all died! The police and ambulance are here.. Reagan, I don't want to go to jail! I'm sorry I've let you down!' Mom is out of it, she sounds like a mess.

'Mom why would you do that?' My voice shakes and my body is trembling. 'I don't know Reagan.. I'm so sorry' she sobs. 'Mom I can't.. I can't do this right now..'

My eyes begin to get watery, I stumble out of the bunk. A waterfall takes over as I make it to the door stumbling out of the bus. I need air.. I try to breathe, but instead I go into hyperventilating mode. I'm gasping for air and crying at the same time. Why is this happening? I run around between the buses trying to figure out what to do.

'Reagan? What are you doing?' I turn around seeing Harry. 'Harry..' I gasp for air as I run towards him. 'Hey.. What's wrong love?' He asks grabbing my arm. 'My mom.. Killed a family! She fucking killed a family Harry!' I sob endlessly, leaning my head against his shoulder as he rubs my back.

'Tell me everything Reagan.. Did you just find out?' Harry is gently stroking my hair 'She just called, she is a mess and she's saying she doesn't want to go to jail and police and ambulance are there' faint sobs come from my mouth.

Between wild sobs I tell Harry everything, the best I can.

'Okay, for now you need to sleep. Tomorrow we will figure this out, alright? We will try to make sense of it tomorrow' Harry says after I told him everything.

'Okay.. Harry? Can I go with you? I don't want to sleep alone' I'm still crying but a bit more calm after talking to Harry. 'Sure come on' he nods and takes me with him to the bus. We go into the TV room and sit down. 'Will you hold me?' I ask Harry who nods and wraps his arms around me.

After a few minutes I fall asleep in Harry's arms.


Harry's POV:

I never thought I would see Reagan like this, but wow she is completely broken down. I look at her face; she is still beautiful, but it's like something has changed within her. I can feel an uncertainty and trouble in her she didn't have before.

I don't know what to do about her mothers situation but I will try and help as much as I can. I know she doesn't want me, but I can still act as friend even though that's not what I want. He head moves from side to side several times, I can tell he's feeling uneasy. Her mom must be troubling her a lot.

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