Stockholm Syndrome

Reagan James is just a normal girl working in Starbucks. She has her own issues, especially regarding to her mother's life.
One cold day in December everything changes, she's mistaken for someone else.
She's taken away by the ladies man and superstar Harry Styles plus eight other young men and among them is a long lost friend.
She knows who Harry is, and all she wants is to get away.
What happens when Harry opens up and shows the real Harry Styles? Will she stay or still run away?

Hey guys!
I hope you like this! xx


8. 8

Chapter 8


'Reagan! That was like, so awesome!' Niall yells laughing after my violin version of Act My Age. 'Is that not right lads?' Niall says looking at them all. They nod and my heart is filled with happiness. 

‘That was so cool’ Liam blurts happily highfiveing me. ‘Better than the original!’ Harry giggles giving me that gorgeous smile of his. ‘Thanks’ I blush and hold the violin in a tight grip. Just act normal Reagan! It's obvious you're blushing.. 

We spent the rest of the day practicing before the big show tonight. I'm very nervous for tonight, never in my life had I ever imagined something like this to happen. My nerves better not get the best of me, because if they do it will be a catastrophe. 

'Hey sis, how was it?' Michael comes out of the dressing room as I exit the stage door. 'Fine' I shrug, pretending it was lame, when in reality I'm shitting myself as we speak. It wasn't just fine, it was great! I got to play violin again, and tonight it is going to be awesome!

'Cool, I can't wait to see it tonight. You'll blow the roof off for sure' he hugs me and looks into my eyes 'Nothing can stop you.. Oh by the way, do you have a thing for Harry? Cause if you do it's totally cool'

'Thanks Mikey.. No.. I don't have a thing for Harry, it might be the other way around though.' Sighing out the words I let my arms fall down. Why does he have to make assumptions like that? I don't like Harry, Jesus! When is people going to realise that? 'Okay, I just thought since you always seem to smile when he's around.. I did notice he looks at you a lot' he looks at me seriously, then suddenly his face turns into an evil smirk as if he just realised something.

Do I smile a lot while around Harry? I don't think I do.. 'I don't think it's Harry, Mikey I just like to smile?' I am trying to find an excuse because I know, when Michael starts asking questions he never stops until it's boring for him, I need to say something that will make him stop talking about this. 'Oh well here's Liam, I'll go with him, see you Mikey' I pretend to see Liam and run in a random direction.

I found myself a little lost, sort of just running around in circles flapping my arms around. Like a boss Reagan! Lol..

Harry's POV:

Me and the boys are getting ready for tonight, but before I can fully relax I have to go for a little walk around the arena just to calm down and breathe. I know the arena pretty well as we have been here before, I always love the roar from the crowd and the amazing atmosphere there always seem to be when we're playing.

I walk around for a while until I see someone I know. Reagan is running around flapping her arms wildly, she is looking confused and lost. It looks funny but cute. 'Reagan? Are you alright?' I approach her slowly, she turns and looks at me wide eyed 'Uhm.. Yeah I'm fine, just lost I guess?'.

'Okay, you did look a little lost.. I know the way back follow me' I grab her hand and walk back with her. She looks weirdly at me but willingly walks along. 'Thanks Harry..' Her eyes are so beautiful, why can't she be mine? 'No prob' I nudge her side and quirky smile appears on her face. 'Whats going on?'

Reagan immediately steps away from me as Michael comes towards us. 'Nothing..' She says and walks away. 'Whats wrong with her?' Michael asks nodding in her direction as she walks into 5sos' dressing room. 'I don't know.. I found her wildly lost so I took her back to here' I shake my head running a hand through my quite long hair. It's gotten really long, but I like it like that.

'Are you guys like a thing now?' Michael looks at me with curiosity, I again shake my head 'No... Why?'. He clears his throat 'I just thought... Well you both seem to be pretty happy around each other, and somehow I always catch you together'.

'Mikey.. I wish were, she is incredible.. I really like her, but she's made it pretty clear that we are never going to be a thing.' I sadly look at Michael who's standing wide eyed and smiling. 'She did what? Oh come on.. She clearly likes you, she can't keep away from you, but I didn't know you felt that way? I'll talk to her..' Michael says before walking away patting me on the back.

Reagan's POV:

The evening is getting closer and I can feel my nerves building up. 'Reagan are you ready? We are going on in thirty' Zayn appears beside me, 5SOS is already on the stage warming up the crowd. 'Will I ever be?' I grit my teeth looking at him. 'Reagan, you'll be fine! If you get too nervous you always have us, just look at me or one of the other boys of it's too nerve wracking.' He hugs me and gives me a reassuring smile.

'Thanks Zayn' I hug him back and we walk behind the stage together. The other boys are already there listening to 5SOS. They are really rocking out the stage. I love their music it's so good, I actually helped Michael writing one their songs once.

'Are you ready?' Niall comes over to me, I nod 'As much as I can be'. 'Good, it's going to epic!' He side hugs me grinning widely.

'Thank you! You've been amazing! Give it up for One Direction!' I can hear the boys finishing; my heart is racing faster than a race car at the moment. 'When we say your name, you are going to go on stage okay?' Liam pats my back before they go on stage.

'You were amazing!' I scream as the boys come down from the stage. 'Thanks boo' Michael smiles and hugs me. I hug the other boys as well. 'Good luck Reagan' Ashton lays a hand on my shoulder making me relax a bit. He's so cute, I mean his dimples are just adorable.. But he's still no Harry.. Wait... Did I just think that?

One Direction finishes the first few songs. 'Alright guys, we have a special guest performer tonight, she is so cool! Give a big welcome to Reagan James!' Zayn's voice rings through my head making me nervous and I realise I'm up.. Oh shit, I have to go on stage! I quickly grab the violin and awkwardly stumble on stage. The crowd is absolutely nuts! I look around taking everything in. All those people, they're so dedicated. Harry suddenly grabs my hand and drags me towards the middle of the stage. 'It's okay Reagan, you got this' he softly whispers in my ear making me shiver. I nod.

'Alright the next song we will sing is Act My Age, and to do that we have the lovely Reagan playing the violin' Harry speaks to the crowd that is going crazy and is screaming loudly. Liam gives me a thumbs up. I take a deep breath and start to play. My eyes meet Harry who comes over to me as he's singing. I never take my eyes away from him. Looking at him gives me an inner calmness and I play a lot more relaxed. Suddenly I'm not nervous anymore.

When I play the rest of the other songs, I am much more confident and move around on the stage engaging with the boys as they sing. When it's over, I excitedly exit the stage leaving the boys to finish the show.

What a buzz, the adrenaline is rushing through my body and I'm over the moon. 'That was incredible!!' Michael fling around my neck kissing my cheek. 'Thanks Mikey' I chuckle holding a hand over my mouth.

When the show is over we all go the buses to sleep.

I'm sitting in my new bunk getting ready to sleep when my phone rings. 'Hello?' I answer it tiredly 'Reagan! I've done something terrible!' My mom is breathing heavily, there's panic in her voice..


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