Stockholm Syndrome

Reagan James is just a normal girl working in Starbucks. She has her own issues, especially regarding to her mother's life.
One cold day in December everything changes, she's mistaken for someone else.
She's taken away by the ladies man and superstar Harry Styles plus eight other young men and among them is a long lost friend.
She knows who Harry is, and all she wants is to get away.
What happens when Harry opens up and shows the real Harry Styles? Will she stay or still run away?

Hey guys!
I hope you like this! xx


5. 5

Chapter 5:

Harry POV:

I was raging at Reagan's words.. Why did it hurt so much? Why should I care what she thought? I didn't even know the girl that well. We just kissed and she rejects everything, like its nothing, if she doesn't like me why did she kiss me back?

‘What’s wrong?’ Zayn walks by me seeing me frown. ‘It’s probably nothing..’ I can feel my chest tightening ‘It’s just.. Reagan and I sort of kissed.. She ran away after it happened, and I wanted to talk about it, but she didn’t want to. She said she thought I was a player, which really hurt me.. I thought she was better than that, you know..’

Zayn lead me to the big room, making me sit on the couch. ‘Harry.. First of all you just met her, and second of all you did kind of act cocky and stupid, which I think is the reason she said what she did.. I know there are a lot of rumors about you, but I don’t think Reagan believes them, just try and talk to her without hitting on her or anything.. She just needs some time, even though she's going home in two days, you can still sort it out, okay?’

Zayn was right, but it still hurt, because she seemed like the kind of girl you could have an awesome time with, doing absolutely nothing. I really want her to like me, I need to know why she doesn't like me.

But.. I also need to give her some space, so maybe I'd just wait for a little bit.

I walk back to my bunk, I watch Reagan's bunk; the curtains are closed, she probably went back to it after we talked. ‘Guys! Come in here! Niall's on FaceTime with Cal, Ash, Luke and Mikey!’ Louis yells from the tv room.

All the curtains are drawn except for Reagan's, I really wanted to see her face again. We all wander into the tv room and sit down. ‘Hello guys, I hear you've replaced me with someone else?’ Niall snickers as the 5SOS boys look at the screen curiously waiting to see who it is.

‘Yeah, Reagan James is her name. I’m sorry Niall but I have to say she's prettier than you’ I laugh, cocking my head as I hear the door open. ‘Hi.. Do I finally get to meet Niall?’ Reagan pops in her head smiling slightly, and then frowning when we make eye contact.

‘Oh this is Reagan?’ Niall says ‘Okay, I gotta hand it to ya, she is prettier than me’. Reagan sits down beside me ‘Thanks Niall, it's nice to finally meet..’ She stops her sentence ‘Michael Gordon Clifford? Is that..’ She gasps, holding her breath. ‘Oh shit, Reagan! I didn't recognize you! You look amazing!’ Michael blurts laughing

‘Oh fuck, when you said 5SOS Liam, you meant 5 Seconds of Summer? Why did I not figure that one out.. God I'm stupid. Of course I know them, Michael is my.. Well I don't know, was my best friend’ Reagan suddenly stares angrily at the screen

Reagan POV:

I’m obviously the stupidest girl on the planet.. I didn't know people where calling 5 Seconds of Summer 5SOS, I probably should have known, but I hadn't really read much about them after they went on tour..

I just thought since Michael wasn't answering, I should just leave it alone. ‘Michael, you promised me you were going to text me when you went on tour! I heard from you like three times in that one year! I texted you everyday to make sure you were fine..’ Reagan stands up crossing her arms.

‘Regs, I'm so sorry, we've been sooo busy, and I did want to text you but I never really found the time, cause all the things I wanted to tell you would take hours to write and I only had like 5 minutes.. I hope you can forgive me, I miss you a lot!’

Michael said biting his lip. He looked so grown up, and the hair hadn't changed, it was still colored every other week and had the long fringe he'd always had.

‘I miss you too Mikey.. I can't be mad at you forever, but please tell me you'll have more time for me now, you're practically my brother, you know.. The brother I never had’ I said sitting back down next to Harry.

‘Of course, my sis is gonna get almost all my attention!’ He smirks sticking out his tongue. ‘I assume you know each other well then?’ Harry says looking at me and then the screen.

I nod ‘Yes, we met when we started working together.. After that we became best mates and people always thought we were brother and sister, we kinda do look a little bit alike. If we couldn’t be related by blood, we were meant to find each other’.

‘Call me later and we’ll talk some more’ Michael smiles. I nod. ‘I’m sorry I totally forgot to say hello.. But hi Ash, Cal and Luke, how are you guys?’ I remember the other boys, I wouldn’t say we were close, but we were good friends.

‘Hi Regs’ they all say ‘How did you end up on the bus?’ Calum asks questioningly ‘Well, I was walking home from work, and there were a lot of people on the street.. I got squashed and pushed around. And then out of nowhere someone grabs my arm obviously thinking it's Niall and yeah I'm here’ I speak out, trying to clear my head of all the thoughts running through my mind.

Seeing Michael here makes me want to stay, I can’t just quit my job, and I don't even know if I'm allowed to stay with them. But I really want to spend time with Michael and now I could actually be able to do it.

I'll call Michael tonight, besides I have to tell him I don't live in Australia anymore.

We all say goodbye and Louis turns off the computer. ‘What a coincidence!’ Louis says looking at me ‘You being on this bus and knowing Michael, I'd never see that coming’.

‘I’m just as surprised as you Louis, but should have figured it out when Liam said 5SOS’ I giggle shyly ‘Well it happens.. It's pretty great you found him, isn't it?’ Liam smiles as he stands up,

‘Yeah, it's awesome, I'm so happy.. This might be a reason for me to actually wanting to stay here..’ I say dryly ‘But.. It's not going to work because I have to go back to work’. Harry looks at me

‘Can’t you just talk to your boss? I'm sure she'll understand’. Paige won't understand, I know for a fact she won't.. She'll just fire me.. I have to make sure if this is what I want to do. ‘I have to think this through..’ I say to Harry who's frowning.

I should talk to Harry, I have to let him know I wasn't trying to be mean when we talked earlier. Everyone leaves the room, leaving me and Harry. ‘Ahem Harry?’ I clear my throat, nows the time to say something, no I can't. ‘Yes?’ He looks at me expectantly.. I can't do it,

I change my mind and say something else ‘Are you hungry?’, ‘Uhm yeah, I'm a little hungry’ I can see the disappointment in his face. Fuck! Why do I have to be such a pussy? I can't face any problems, just like I can't tell my mom that she has made the biggest mistake she could ever make. I'm so stupid..

The problem with Harry is, I try to deny everything between us, because I'm afraid I might get hurt. I can't be sure he won't dump me, he's everything I don't want in a guy. Zayn was right, we are very different, which is why I know this won’t work..

I stand up from the couch making my way to the small kitchen in the bus. I look through all the drawers and cupboards and the fridge. I find some things and start making pancakes, which is the only thing I know how to make out of what I can find.

‘Boys! Want some food?’ I yell through the bus, then hearing footsteps and four boys appear. ‘Aw, looks great!’ Zayn says taking a pancake and putting it in his mouth. ‘You are an angel!’ Harry snickers, sneaking in a little kiss on my cheek.

I blush, but shrug it off. ‘Thanks Reagan! Just what we needed!’ Louis smiles stuffing himself with a third pancake. ‘I’m glad you like it’ I say giggling looking at them all stuff their faces. They kinda look like chipmunks, when they hide their food in the sides of their cheeks.

I swallow a pancake and sit down on the couch in the big room. When the boys are done, they slowly wander back to their bunks. I find my purse and pull out my earphones connecting them to my phone. I find spotify and search for some music. I pick Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap; she is so cool and I just love her music.

Sorry it's bad guys, I'm hoping the next chapter will be better xx

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