Stockholm Syndrome

Reagan James is just a normal girl working in Starbucks. She has her own issues, especially regarding to her mother's life.
One cold day in December everything changes, she's mistaken for someone else.
She's taken away by the ladies man and superstar Harry Styles plus eight other young men and among them is a long lost friend.
She knows who Harry is, and all she wants is to get away.
What happens when Harry opens up and shows the real Harry Styles? Will she stay or still run away?

Hey guys!
I hope you like this! xx


4. 4

Chapter 4

I wake up to someone continuously slapping my arm. ‘What the fuck!’ I growl as I open my eyes, seeing Harry before me with the evilest grin on his face.

‘Leave me alone!’ I take my pillow and throw it in Harry's face. ‘Ouch! No more sleeping! You're getting up now!’ He says throwing the pillow hard back at me. I roll over, but unfortunately I do it too quickly which results in me falling out of the bunk.

I close my eyes believing I'm going to land on the floor. Instead I land in a pair of strong gentle arms. I open my eyes staring at Harry in awe ‘I..’

I try to breathe, but I've forgotten how. Harry carefully leans his head closer to mine. Our lips swiftly touch each other, before Harry plants a soft kiss on my lips.

I kiss him back; his lips are so soft and.. ‘What.. no! Don't kiss me!’ I pull away realizing it's Harry I'm kissing, and jump out of his arms, running into the tv room.

I slouch down on to the couch panting rapidly, I wish I hadn’t just done that! What's wrong with me? I'm so stupid, kissing Harry is the biggest mistake ever.

I don't even like him and I don't know him that well. ‘Reagan?’ Harry sneaks his head in behind the door ‘I’m not here’ I roll my eyes, burying my head in the couch.

‘Please, you can't just walk away, we have to talk about this’ he sits down beside me. I move away from him ‘There’s nothing to talk about’.

‘Yes there is!’ He takes hold of my leg and drags me towards him. ‘Stop!’ I shout yanking my leg from his strong grip. I sit up straight looking away from Harry.

‘Please Reagan.. That kiss was..’ He puts his hand on mine, but I quickly pull away cutting him off ‘A huge mistake! I know you Harry, everyone knows.. I'm just another one of those girls.. When you're done with me you're just going to move on to the next. I don't want to be part of it. I don't know what kind of game you're playing but I'm not going to be in it’.

‘Is that what you think of me? I'm some kind of player who sleeps with a ton of girls and replaces them along the way? Really Reagan? I thought more of you.. Don't believe everything you hear or read.. Especially when it's not coming directly from the person itself’ I could see the hurt in Harry’s eyes as he angrily stood up walking out of the tv room.

Shit, now he made me feel bad.. But I guess it's for the best, now we can just stay clear of each other's paths.

I turn on the tv trying to get my mind somewhere else. I can't really focus, Harry's words are echoing inside my head.

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