Stockholm Syndrome

Reagan James is just a normal girl working in Starbucks. She has her own issues, especially regarding to her mother's life.
One cold day in December everything changes, she's mistaken for someone else.
She's taken away by the ladies man and superstar Harry Styles plus eight other young men and among them is a long lost friend.
She knows who Harry is, and all she wants is to get away.
What happens when Harry opens up and shows the real Harry Styles? Will she stay or still run away?

Hey guys!
I hope you like this! xx


3. 3

Chapter 3

Harry POV:

Reagan is really beautiful, I wish she wanted to stay. But since she would only be here three days, I want to look at her and get to know her as much as I can.

I might have come off as kind of a jerk, but I just can't help it. Every time I see a beautiful girl I get so stupid and cocky. No other girl can compare to Reagan.

Her hazel eyes and red fiery hair is absolutely gorgeous, her skin is white and looks like porcelain and oh goodness she's just everything really.

She's just so different from me, she rocks rock band shirts and ripped jeans, she looks like she should have been a member of 5SOS.. Me.. I just rock the normal skinny jeans and shirts with occasional animal prints and other weird stuff.. Usually I would not go for a girl like Reagan but.. There's something about her, and I want to know her.

Reagan POV:

When I finish the shower, I step out and dry myself with the towel. I take the clothes Zayn gave me; it's a One Direction sweatshirt and sweatpants, and luckily they had some women underwear, and thank goodness it didn't say One Direction on that as well.

I put it all on. I look in the mirror; I look ridiculous! I'm not even a One Direction fan and yet, here I stand looking like one. I can feel my face turning slightly red, I look so stupid! I take my own clothes and storm out of the bathroom.

Harry POV:

Reagan appears back in the big room where I'm sitting. She has One Direction written all over her. Even without makeup she's pretty, I think I like her better without the makeup.

She looks really cute, but I can tell from her facial expression she's uncomfortable. ‘You look adorable’ I chuckle ‘Are you kidding me, I look like a One Direction fan!’ She snaps and throws her clothes on the couch.

‘Haha, you're not a fan?’ I reply ‘No.. And now it totally looks like I am..’ Reagan turns as red as her hair ‘But thanks anyways for letting me borrow it’.

‘Well, I think it suits you’ I smile and take out my phone.

Reagan POV:

God! This is just so uncomfortable! I look like a turd. ‘Do you have like a bag or something I can put this clothes in?’ I ask Harry, even though I'd rather not talk to him, but he's the only one here at the moment.

‘Sure’ he stands up and walks to the back of the bus, leaving me alone. He comes back with a plastic bag and hands it to me. ‘Thanks’ I almost whisper, but from the look on his face I think he heard it.

I put the clothes in the bag and put it down beside the couch. I throw myself at the couch sighing heavily. I close my eyes and exhale deeply, I can feel my body getting heavier and soon I doze off.

’Reagan?’ I feel someone gently shaking me, my eyes flicker open. I stare into two green-blue eyes, they're quite beautiful. ‘Ugh, what do you want?’ I hiss as I realize it's Harry, I don't want to talk to him

‘I just wanted to know if you wanted anything to eat?’ He asks giving me a smile I'd never seen before, wait, I know, the smile is genuine, it gives me one reason to not give totally up on him. I smile back ‘I’m not hungry, thanks though’.

‘No prob, I hope you're okay ’ he sits down beside me on the couch, suddenly he seems so nice and I actually like it. ‘I’m fine.. Just exhausted, working at Starbucks is hard, but I like it. People are always so nice there, and I meet amazing people everyday’ I say looking at Harry

‘I’ve never known anyone who worked at Starbucks’ he smiles again, that same smile as before. ‘It’s probably normal for you I guess.. You are famous, you only surround yourself with celebrities, I wouldn’t expect you to know someone like me..’ I tug at my shirt sitting up next to Harry.

‘No.. I didn't mean it like that, it's a good thing.. Someone like you keeps me grounded. I..’ Harry is suddenly cut off by Louis sitting down next to us, ‘Hi guys. Reagan you alright?’. I just nod and shrug.

‘We have an extra bunk for you, if you want to sleep in a bed’ Louis points in the direction of the door that leads to the hallway with bunks. ‘Thanks’ I say roughly as I stand up ‘Excuse me, I'm just going to make a call’.

If I had to be here for three days, I might as well tell my boss I won't be coming to work. ‘Hi Paige, I'm so sorry something has happened.. I can't make it to work the next three days’ I quickly run over the words

‘Slow down.. What has happened?’ She tries to make me calm down ‘Well, you probably won't believe me, but I sort of got kidnapped by One Direction’ I sigh heavily into the phone. ‘Yeah, you're right.. I hope this is not a lie..’ I cut her off ‘I can ask one of the boys to talk to you, if that will make you believe’.

‘Fine..’ She says holding her breath. I make my way back to the big room. ‘Harry! Please, can you talk to my boss and explain what has happened, she doesn't believe me’ I give the phone to Harry as he nods.

‘Hello Reagan's boss. I'm Harry, what's your name?’ He starts off ‘Yes, it's true what she told you. I mistook her for Niall, and accidentally grabbed her arm. We can drop her off at the next stop which is in three days.. So yeah, she can't come to work. I'm sorry. But I have to tell you, she's a unique girl, she really is. And very beautiful as well.’ I blush at Harry's words.

‘Okay, bye Paige.. Yeah sure I’ll come by Starbucks sometime. Okay yeah, bye bye’ Harry hands me back my phone. What just happened? He's going to come by Starbucks? No I don't think so! ‘What was that about? You're definitely not visiting my work place!’ I screech and trudge off finding an available bunk.

‘Are you okay?’ Zayn gently draws away the curtains to my bunk. ‘I’m fine.. I just wish Harry would stop acting so stupid’ I shake my head at the thought of Harry. ‘Don’t mind him Reagan. He only acts like this when he likes a girl, and it's only happened like two or three times’ Zayn pats my hand

‘Okay, thanks Zayn.. You know.. It's not the worst place to be here in this situation’ I say quietly, it hasn't been all bad being here, but I just wish I was in my own bed right now.

I have no intention of being involved with any famous people, it always ends bad. ‘I’m glad.. You know, I wish we had met you sooner. Harry could learn a lot from you, you are both so different which is exactly why you are perfect for each other’ Zayn raises a brow, running his hands through his untamed mane.

Perfect for each other? He couldn't be more wrong. Me and Harry would never work, and I know what he's like. He's the ladies man, he can have any girl he wants.. As soon as he's done with me, he moves on to the next one. I don't want to be a part of that.

‘You’re very wrong Zayn, we are not perfect for each other. Besides I don't like him, he's annoying’ I scuff rolling my eyes. ‘Okay, well.. you’ll thank me later. Wait and see’ Zayn closes the curtains and walks away. What the hell? He just walks away after that? What's wrong with him? Annoyed I bury my head in the pillow. I doze off again.

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