FairyTail Fanfiction

12 Misfits Rome the town of Miami, Florida saving lives picking fights and looking bad ass while doing it


5. The Job

Gajeel’s POV.

*3 weeks later*


I was still shaping the ring and I looked at the picture and saw us smiling and I smiled and dipped the ring in the fire and shaped it some more. And did the engraving and smiled. I dipped it in some water Lucy cried for me and it was finished. I put it in a small blue bag and shoved it in my pocket and locked up the warehouse and walked inside the house and Joe jumped in my arms and I laughed

Gajeel:Hey shorty.

Joe:Whats up bruh!

I looked up at Ariah

Ariah:She’s drunk.


He tried jumping in my arms and I stuck my iron fist out and he stopped in his tracks and turned around

Joe:I missed you.

Gajeel:I missed you too shorty.

She kissed me and I smiled and kissed back and heard the oohs and ahhs coming from the rest of the guild  and we stopped and she smiled

Joe:Oh yeah I picked a job for us.

Gajeel:What is it?

Joe:You’ll see. Just go get ready.

I smiled and put her down and went upstairs to my room and took off my shirt and tossed it on the bed and grabbed the bag from my pocket and shoved it in a drawer and started to unbutton my pants and felt small arms around my waist and I turned around and saw Joe looking up at me and she smiled

Joe:Hey tall person.

Gajeel:Hey shorty.

I picked her up her bottom resting on my forearm and kissed her and she kissed back and played with my hair and I smiled and laid back on the bed and she climbed on top of me pressing her hands on my chest and she stopped and sat up

Joe:We’re out in 30 minutes so shower up.

She left and I watched her walk away smiling and I showered and got dressed

Put the ring in my pocket and walked to Joe’s room and saw her changing and she turned and saw me and I blushed and turned my head and she put her shirt on and pulled me inside her room and sat me down on a chair and continued getting dressed and she finished putting on her shoes and fluffed her wavy hair in the mirror

and she turned to me and smiled and saw the lump in my pocket


Gajeel:Yeah shorty?

Joe:What’s that?

She said pointing to my pocket and I covered it with my hand

Gajeel:Nothing. Let’s just go.

He grabbed my hand and we walked down the stairs

Gray:Before you go. Joe has to get her stamp from the Master.

I heard footsteps coming from the Masters room and he came out of his room and smiled

Master:Joe! I’ve been waiting to meet you!

He shook her hand and observed her body

Master:Joe, Joe, Joe. I see You’re the only Gajeel doesn’t hate here.

Gajeel:Okay old man.

Master:Jeel where you’ve been?!? I missed you man!

He gave me the look like he knows and won’t hesitate to tell and I rolled my eyes

Master:Well Joe..

Joe:Nirvana. Joe Nirvana.

Master:Well Ms. Nirvana. Where do you want your stamp?

She looked at mine on my left shoulder and raised her right sleeve

Joe:Right here.

Master smiled and put his hand on her shoulder and waved it around her arm and her stamp appeared and she smiled

Joe:Think you could make it blue?

Master:Of course.

He poked it with his finger and it turned blue and he waved for me to bend down and he did the same to mine and she smiled broadly and I saw her fang and smiled

Master:Be careful on your mission.

Gajeel:I can handle it.

Joe:And I can handle him.

We walked out of the gigantic house and got on my motorcycle and I handed her a helmet and she slid it on and I buckled her belt and she grabbed his waist and I started the engine

Gajeel:You might wanna keep your face behind my back. A lot of bugs come back while I’m driving.

Joe:What about you?

Gajeel:I’ll be fine.

I drove off and her grip got tighter and I turned my head

Gajeel:So where to?!?

Joe:Go straight 3 miles west and then stop when you get to the forest!


I drove 3 miles west and we got to the forest and I stopped hard and Joe flew off the bike and I turned the engine off and ran over to her

Gajeel:Joe! Are you okay?

Joe*Mumbles*.. *Mumbles*.


She took off the helmet and tossed it on the ground

Joe:Next time warn me before you stop.

I laughed and she stood up and brushed off her clothes and we started walking around

Gajeel:SO why are we here?

Joe:Theres supposed to be some Blue Pegasus going around torturing the animals here and we have to apprehend them.

Gajeel:So where are they?

Joe:If I knew that then I’d tell you. Just be on alert. I’m going wolf.

Gajeel:But what if they grab you?

Joe:Then I’ll howl.

Gajeel:I don’t trust this Jo-

Joe:I’ll be fine. Just be careful.


She came out of her shirt and skirt and went full wolf and started walking around and I followed her a small but fair distance from her.


Joe POV.


I was walking through the forest scoping for the Blue Pegasus and I heard shuffling and looked to my left and someone came out and jumped on my back and I fell to the ground and felt pain rising in me and my wolf faded and I saw the new fang Gajeel made for me laying on the ground and I got angry and my skin went burning hot and I pushed the big lug off my back and turned to him steam rising from my body and someone grabbed my hair lifiting me off the ground and I screamed in pain and Gajeel jumped out the bushes with his hand formed into an iron hammer


He swung at the guy holding me and he dropped me on the ground and I saw the blood on my side from when the other guy landed on me and the one that just had me pulled out a sword and swung at Gajeel and cut his arm and he swung his hammer again and his skin began to turn to metal and his eyes went from red to blue and the guy stabbed his fist and he started pushing forward and the sword went deeper and he grunted taking the pain was almost unbearable for him and he turned his hand and bent the sword snapping it off the handle and ripping the blade out of his fist and crunching it in his teeth and he got on top of the guy and punched his face until there was nothing left and he turned to the other and he tried running and Gajeels arm extended and he caught him and squeezed him until he bled out of his eyes and dropped him on the ground and his skin and arm went back to normal and he fell on the ground and I ran over to him and his eyes were closed

Joe:Gajeel! Gajeel wake up!

He groaned his eyes still closed and I struggled carrying him to the motorcycle and threw him on and drove back home and got him inside and called for Evy


She ran downstairs and everyone else followed her

Gray:What happened?


Joe:We were on our mission and he beat up the Blue Pegasus and he just passed out after so I brought him back.

Evy sat next to us and set her hand on his forehead and sighed of relief

Evy:He’s just out of energy. He passed out because he used up all of his power. They must’ve been really strong. Just take him upstairs and don’t. Wake him up.

I nodded and Natsu helped me carry him upstairs and to his room and laid him in his bed and took off his head band and I crawled next to him and held him in my arms and fell asleep.

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