FairyTail Fanfiction

12 Misfits Rome the town of Miami, Florida saving lives picking fights and looking bad ass while doing it


1. Saving the girl

Gajeel POV.


I was out on the town with Natsu Gray Demini Toni and Quin and heard screaming coming from an alley

Gajeel:Did you hear that?

Natsu:No shit for brains.

Gajeel:Seriously dumb ass!

Gray:I didn't hear anything.

Demini:Me neither.

Toni:Out of luck here bruh.

Quin:I obviously didn’t hear it ass holes!

Gajeel:I'll be back.

I ran to the alley and saw a girl fighting two dudes and saw little ears poking from the top of her head and claws from her fingertips and I smiled and my fist turned into an iron hammer and I bounced it off one of the dudes heads and they fell to the ground and she looked at me with her red glowing eyes and fangs from her teeth and I laughed. She’s so small. She punched me and I flew to the end of the alley and laughed. She’s got an arm on her though. and she snapped the other guys neck and walked over to me

Girl:I never needed your help.

Gajeel:What do you mean you were getting your ass handed to you before I came!

Girl:I was doing just fine. They just broke one of my fangs.

She started walking away and I saw blood coming from her leg and she fell down and I picked her up and her eyes started to fade and her fangs, claws and ears poofed away and I smiled

Gajeel:Not so tough now huh?

Girl:Asshole.I carried her back to the other guys

Gajeel:Let’s go back so Evy can help this girl.

They all nodded and we started walking and she soon fell asleep

Gray:I guess you couldn't help yourself huh?

Gajeel:Shut up you idiot.

Gray:I’m just saying. I mean you are the only one in the house without a mate.

Gajeel:She’s not gonna be my mate and she’s not staying in the house.

Gray:So your gonna heal her and throw her back out to the crazy wild world?

Gajeel:If she has the balls to punch me… Then she’ll be fine.

I just hope she will. She looks pretty hopeless.

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