FairyTail Fanfiction

12 Misfits Rome the town of Miami, Florida saving lives picking fights and looking bad ass while doing it


4. Not Broken

Joe POV.


*3 days later*


I woke up and was lying in my bed and found one of Gajeels bolts under my pillow and I sat in the bed playing with it and I grabbed a mirror and saw my half metal fang and looked closer and saw a heart engraved in it and smiled and someone knocked on my door and Natsu came in

Natsu:Wassup wolfie?

Joe:Nothing. Whats going on?

Natsu:Well since Gajeels gonna be gone visiting our mom for a while we can’t just leave you in here alone. And it’s my turn to watch you and keep you company today. So what do you wanna do?

Joe:Anything than sit here. You think you could help me work out my leg more?

Natsu:Of course.

I took the covers off my leg and he laughed

Natsu:So this is what you call broken. Well ok.

He grabbed my foot and started to move it around

Natsu:Does that hurt?

Joe:A little but I can bear it.

Natsu:Stand up.

I stood up and my leg wasn’t in any pain.

Natsu:Looks like Evy’s bubble did you some good.

I smiled and jumped on the bed and he smiled

Joe:Don’t just sit there. JUMP!

We started jumping on the bed and I did 3 backflips and he did the same

Natsu:You’re gonna be the best sister in law ever.


I stopped after the shocking words he said

Natsu:Nothing. I said you just like sister to me.

I made a confused face and he smiled broadly

Natsu:We have a trampoline room.

I stopped jumping and we ran out of the room down the stairs through the living room and stopped in front of a door

Gray:I see her legs fine now.

We opened the door and I saw 16 trampolines and a foam pit and trampoline basketball court and we ran inside and started jumping right away and played a game of trampoline basketball and I jumped from the trampoline across the room and dunked the ball and he smiled and grabbed a ball that had his name on it and set it on fire and he shot it from the bathroom and I smiled and we highfived.

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