FairyTail Fanfiction

12 Misfits Rome the town of Miami, Florida saving lives picking fights and looking bad ass while doing it


3. I Want

Gajeel’s POV.


I woke up with Joe peacefully growling in my arms and I smiled. I thought I was gonna hate this girl. Natsu came in my room about to scream and I threw some fire in his mouth and he stopped

Natsu:Oh so I see you like the new girl?

Gajeel:Shut up. What do you want?

Natsu:Nothing just wanted to mess with you.

He grabbed a chair and sat down



Gajeel:I wanna make Joe a ring.


Gajeel:Don’t ask stupid questions and make me change my mind. I have to tell her I’m doing something to distract her from going to look for me.

Natsu:Tell her you’re going training.

Gajeel:That won’t work.

Natsu:Tell her you’re going to visit Matelicilla.

Gajeel:Okay. Thanks Natsu.

Natsu:That’s what brothers do for each other. Oh yeah smile.


He snapped a picture of me and Joe and I almost jumped up and heard her growling stop and she woke up and Natsu was gone and I pretended to be asleep and she sat her head up and laid her head back down and I sighed of relief and she jumped up and tackled me to the floor and groaned loudly

Gajeel:What’s wrong?

Joe:My leg. Shit! I knew I shouldn’t have moved it!

She sat up and looked at her leg and ripped the pants from her thigh down and saw it was bright red and I picked her up and laid her on the bed and called Evy up and she ran upstairs and saw her leg

Evy:I’ll have to pop it back into place.

Gajeel:I’m not leaving.

Evy:Are you sure?

Gajeel:I’m more sure than I’ve ever been.

I sat next to her and he gripped my hand. She may be small but she’s really strong. Evy grabbed her leg and began popping it back in place and her screams left a mark on my brain. I couldn’t look at her and she started to squirm and I held her down while Evy continued

Gajeel:Evy hurry!

Evy:I’m trying!

Gajeel:Put her in one of your bubbles!

Evy:Get off of her then!

I climbed off and Evy put her in a bubble and floated her in the air above my reach and I saw her leg beginning to heal and evy stopped the bubble when it was over and she started to fall and I caught her in my arms and she was sweating and breathing hard and she looked up at me and smiled.

Joe:You shouldn’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.

I laughed and Evy left the room and I took Joe back to her room and laid her down and I started to leave and she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bed with her and pulled me close

Joe:I never said leave.

Gajeel:I have to go visit my mom Matelicilla.

Joe:I’ll come.

Gajeel:No. I’ll be back in some weeks. You just stay here and heal up.

Joe:You sure?

Gajeel:I’m Gajeel RedFox. I’ll be fine.

I pecked her lips and she kissed my forehead and I smiled and left and went to my warehouse in the back and grabbed some scrap metal and started working on the ring and called Natsu

Natsu:Sup bro?

Gajeel:I might need some of your fire and a picture of me and Joe.

Natsu:What makes you think I have the second one?

I roared in the phone and he sighed

Natsu:I’ll be over in 10 minutes.

I hung up and tossed my phone on the desk and sat there thinking. Natsu jumped up to the window and handed me a large jar of fire and a large pic of me and Joe sleeping and I pushed him off the window and hung my head slightly out of it to see him



He walked away and I sat the picture in front of me and looked at the tattoo on her side and began making the ring.

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