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12 Misfits Rome the town of Miami, Florida saving lives picking fights and looking bad ass while doing it


6. Giving Her All

Gajeel’s POV.




Joe:Jeel could you go check on Jorden?

Jeel:Im busy doing Gabrielle’s hair!

Joe:Ok. And tell Natsu to watch his fire around my children!

She walked back to Jordens room and changed his diaper and I smiled. I have a family with her. I looked to my left and saw our wedding picture and smiled. We got married after all. By why does this not feel real. Im sleeping!

Joe came back and sat on my lap and had the baby in her arms. He looked just like me but had her hair.

Joe:I was happy you woke back up.

Jeel:Im happy I woke up too.

She pecked my lips and time went past and Natsu and Shina left and the sun went down and we put the kids to sleep and the dream stopped and it went back to when I was fighting the Blue Pegasus and I saw how hurt Joe was and my heart began to cringe and I felt someone holding me and I tried opening my eyes but my body wouldn’t let me. I used all my energy. I want to wake up. I want to wake up now! I tried moving and my foot moved and I noticed I was under the covers in my bed and I opened my eyes and sat up and looked by me and didn’t see Joe. I searched my pockets and found the bag with the ring and I sighed and ran to her room and saw her changing and she gasped and I squeezed her in my arms and she fell out of them and my dream faded into darkness and I was sitting alone and noticed I wasn’t awake, and Joe wasn’t there with me. What am I gonna do? I had so many plans. Well I really didn’t I didn’t even know if I wanted to give her the ring or not.


Joe’s POV.

I was laying next to Gajeel in his bed. He’s been asleep for 3 days now. And it’s really scaring me. Everyone says he’ll be fine he’s grown enough to handle it but what if he’s not. Then what will I do?

I looked at his soft hair laid against the pillow and his adorable face all closed away. I touched his bolts and nuts and screws and a tear almost fell down my face. I turned him on his back and his cute sharp chin stuck out and I smiled and I kissed his soft lips. That I would always miss. I started to get out of the bed and I turned my head and saw him sitting up and he pulled me into his arms crying into my hair holding me tight


Joe:I’m right here Jeel open your eyes.

He opened his eyes and they were like blue fire and I smiled and kissed him and he kissed back his tears smudging my makeup but I didn’t care. I had my Jeel back and it didn’t matter and never will. As long as he’s here.


Gajeel’s POV

I was dreaming and everything started to shake and i was put on my back in an instant and felt someone touch my face like my bolts and screws and someone kissed me and I felt my body wake up and I sat up and grabbed their arm and they turned around and it was obviously Joe and I pulled her into my arms crying. I’ve never cried before. I’ve never seen Joe cry before. It was beautiful. Im giving her the ring tonight. And theres nothing that could change my mind. Master and the rest of the guild came in the room celebrating and everyone sat on my bed and I growled a little and everyone but Master and Joe stood up

Master:So I see the Dragon has awoken with a roar.

Natsu&Shina:After the princess kissed him.

We blushed and she smiled her fang was missing.

Gajeel:Where’s your fang?

Joe:It fell out on our mission. But it’s okay. I like the broken one better. It leaves a memory.

Gajeel:Okay trooper. And everyone else.. LEAVE!

They all ran out of the room except for Master. He was never afraid of me. He casually walked out and ran down the hallway screaming like a little girl just to scare them. I turned to Joe and she smiled and put my headband back on and I smiled and took it off and put it on her. It was super big on her but it was cute. We laughed and she raised from her eyebrows and I felt the ring in my pocket and wondered if I should do it now or later?

Gajeel:Hey shorty. When would you like your surprise?


She said her eyes lighting up like blue fire and I smiled. I guess they change.

Gajeel:I can’t tell you that’s the whole point of a surprise.

Joe:I want it now please can I get now.

She made puppy dog eyes and I smiled. She really is weird. I reached in my pocket and grabbed the bag

Gajeel:I wish I had a better way of asking this but..

I handed her the bag and she opened it and saw the ring and tears formed in her eyes and her lips started to quiver. What did I just do?!?

Gajeel:What’s wrong shorty you don’t like it?

She looked up at me her face covered in tears

Joe:I love it!

She hugged me so hard. I didn’t know she was this strong. She put the ring on her finger and it fit perfectly.

Joe:You made it for me?

Gajeel:Yeah those weeks I was “visiting my mom” I was really working on that. It was a pain in the ass because I’ve never made something so small. But I thought it was a start.

Joe:I love you.

Gajeel:I love you too.

She kissed me and I kissed back and I smiled her tears rubbing against my face and we pulled away and she looked at the engraving and smiled and just couldn’t stop touching it

Joe:So what does this mean?

Gajeel:I was asking. If you.. You know. Im really not good at these things.

Joe:How about I just say yes and we kiss again?

Gajeel:I’d be perfectly fine with that.

I kissed her and touched her hair. It was softer than her skin. Nah. Nothing’s softer than her skin. I smiled and we got out of my bed and I couldn’t really stand and she grabbed my arm and put it around her shoulder and helped me walk

Gajeel:How long was I asleep?

Joe:3 days.

I stood behind her my hands on her shoulder and she was flying and helped me down the stairs and we walked over to the bar and she got me some water

Gajeel:But I-

Joe:Drink the water Gajeel.

I drunk the water and some more water after that. I’ve never really drunk water before. And It.. doesn’t taste like anything. Evy looked at the ring on Joes finger and Awwed and everyone came over


Shina:Gajeel proposed!

Natsu:Let me see!

He picked her hand up and observed the ring and so did everyone else and they read the engraving


We all smiled and saw master sitting on the counter with a confused face

Ariah:Master what’s wrong?

Master:I don’t get it.

Ariah:He loves her.

Master:But he hates everyone.

Everyone awwed again and I sort of blushed

Master:So you finally found the one Gajeel.

Gajeel:Yes sir Master.

Master:You’ve become very popular in the guild Joe. And you’ve only been here for 29 days.

Ariah:Thats a record sir. The last one to even get that high was Natsu. Can I put it on the board?

Master nodded his head and She pulled the board down and above Natsu’s 31 days she put Joes 29 days. and we all had drinks and the sun went down and I carried Joe back upstairs even though I could barely walk neither could she. and we got ot my room and she fell on my bed and I laid next to her and she climbed on my chest and smiled and I loved her broken fang. It makes her looks like a baby wolf.

Gajeel:I love you.

Joe:I love you more.

Gajeel:I love you most.


I kissed her and she kissed back and I picked her up slamming her back against the wall and we tore off each others clothes and our eyes met unsure of what we wanted to do and she shook our heads in unison as I put me on the bed getting on top of her slowly and entering her. I kissed her body from head to toe. she moaned softly and quietly in my ear making me go harder as I pinched the sheets and she pulled my hair. She took control flipping me onto the bed and climbing on top of me and slow grinded as I groaned and whispered her name gasping for air. I picked her up by her legs and pushed her back against the headboard and thrusted in and out of her and she gripped the headboard and screamed and scratched my arms and back . I put her legs on my shoulders lifting her up with my face in between her softly playing with her insides she moaned and bit her lip feeling my smooth tongue inside her making her feel amazing her legs went numb after I hit her spot and she fell onto the bed and I climbed next to her by now shes melting in my arms. She fell asleep in my arms.

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