FairyTail Fanfiction

12 Misfits Rome the town of Miami, Florida saving lives picking fights and looking bad ass while doing it


2. Getting to Know You



I woke up in an unfamiliar room and saw bandages wrapped around me leg and someone was laying next to me and I peeked over their broad shoulder and saw they guy from the ally and I fell on the floor screaming and he jumped up out of his sleep

Guy:Sit down shorty. You’re gonna hurt your leg even more.

I couldn’t get up and sighed

Guy:Wow you’re weak.

He stood up bandages wrapped around his torso where I punched him yesterday and picked me up bridal style and set me back on the bed putting my leg on top of a pillow and sat next to me and some happy girl ran in the room and over to me

Girl:IT WORKED! I’ve never healed a leg before. Mostly hearts and vital organs. But it was a success!

She hugged me and I smiled. She was warm and smelled nice

Girl:Now lets get you bathed. Gajeel. May I ask for your assistance?

Gajeel:Sure weirdo.

He picked me up roughly this time and I looked at him fear and confusion in my eyes and he smiled, and carried me to the next room and set me on the toilet

Girl:Thanks. Gajeel.

He shrugged and walked out the room and she smiled

Girl:I’m Evy by the way.

Joe:I’m Joe. Thanks for healing my leg Evy.

Evy:It’s no big deal. Now lets see what’s your favorite color?


Evy:So is Gajeels. Weird huh?

She picked out an outfit and helped me to the tub and I took my bath and she helped me get dressed

and she gave me a pair of crutches and helped me down the stairs and I saw a large room with tables full of artifacts food and liquor and a bar with a really pretty girl behind it a pool table a wrap around couch that goes into the floor a 65 in. flat screen T.V. and it looks like real fun here and me and Evy walked over to the bar with the really pretty girl and the rest of the people in the house ran over to the bar crowding us


Guy1:Are you really part wolf?

OtherGuy1:Man can we give her some space?

I looked over and saw Gajeel drinking quietly to himself and staring at me and he quickly looked away. What’d I do to him?

Evy:Everyone this is Joe. She’s the new girl in our guild.


I saw Gajeel slam down his glass and stomp out of the room and silence fell on us like an evil drug

Guy2:It’s okay. Gajeel hates everything. Im Gray.









Evy:And you already met me and Gajeel.

Joe:Wow. This is nice. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a guild. So what are all of your powers?

Natsu:I’m a Dragon Slayer of course!

His hands caught on fire and 12 marshmallows on sticks popped from the bar and he cupped his hands on his face and blew fire on them leaving them toasty and not burned

Shina:I play with the elements. Watch.

She waved her hands at Natsu and Gray and Gray’s hands caught on fire and Natsu froze himself. She switched them back and we all laughed

Gray:As you kind of saw I’m an Ice Maker. Ariah If you don’t mind martinis.

She set out the martini glasses and poured the liquor in them and he made ice come out of his hand and I smiled and we all clapped and he turned around and his hand turned into a hammer and smashed the ice into slush grabbed a glass and filled it up and handed it to me and everyone else

Ariah:Im the Devilish Transformer. Close your eyes.

I closed them and someone patted my shoulder and I opened them and saw my self in front of me and smiled and clapped and she turned back into Ariah

Toni:I can read minds and change them into the most deadly thoughts. Watch.

He looked at Erza and at Demeni and Erza jumped on Demeni and a sword appeared from her armor and she held it against his neck and he shivered in fear and Toni snapped his fingers and she stopped and climbed off Demeni and Helped him up

Lucy:I mess with the water elements. Watch.

She plucked one of her nose hairs and a tear ran down her face and it started raining in the house and Toni kissed her and she stopped crying and the rain stopped and dried up

Quin:I have super bad ass strength.

He took deep breaths and we all sat on a bench on top of two other benches and he lifted it with his pinky and held it for at least 20 minutes and set us down and we all clapped.

Evy:I’m a healer as you know. For example.

She stabbed Quin in the stomach and he fell on the ground and she twirled her hands and he was wrapped in a bubble and I saw the blood fading from the spot and she let him go and he fell on the ground and stood up with a smile on his face. And we all clapped

Erza:I requip my clothes or armor for battle. Like this one.

She spun in a circle and her clothes began to requip and she stopped and had on a red shiny steel armor with a gigantic sword in her hands that read beast slayer and I smiled.

Demeni:I’m a starfish. I can take any kind of injury and instantly regrow that part of my body. Erza cut off my arms.

She sliced off his arms and he blinked and they were growing back and were back to normal in seconds

I smiled and clapped.

Joe:Wow. That was awesome. What’s Gajeels power?

Evy:He’s an Iron Dragon Slayer. But let’s see your power.

Joe:Which one. Half bring or full?


I smiled and took deep breaths and my half bring began. My fangs sprouted out of my teeth, my eyes turned a blood shot red, and my claws snuck their way out of my fingertips and they all smiled and clapped and Natsu was over the moon happy, and I saw Gajeel looking at my broken fang and I closed my mouth.

Joe: For the full I need someone to help me upstairs to that railing.

Gajeel:I will.

He picked me up and carried me up the stairs. He must love carrying me.. And set me down in front of the railing and helped me get on top of it and I leaned forward and began to fall off and transformed into my wolf and landed on the empty floor and they all ran over to me Natsu the first and I saw Gajeel coming down the stairs and he patted my fur and smiled. and I turned back into a human and turned my half bring off.

Joe:Oh yeah I forgot the wings.


I nodded and my broad 14 foot wings expanded across the room and they all screamed and cheered and jumped up and down and touched the feathers.

Evy:Can I get one for a scrap book?

Joe:Just none of the outer edges or the tip.

She smiled and took one off the center and put it in this enormous book sitting on a podium and I folded my wings back in and we all sat back down at the bar and Gray approached me.

Gray:Gajeel wants to see you in his room.

Joe:Wheres his room?

Gray:Down the dark hallway. Trust me it’s not as scary as you think. He wants to see your broken fang.

I nodded and turned on my Half affect and walked to his room and was about to knock and he opened the door and held his arm out for me to come in and I walked inside and saw metal and iron scraps all over the place and satfrt0 on his bed and he sat next to me and had something in his hand.

Gajeel:I made this for you and wanted to see if it would fit.

He opened his hand and had half a fang in it and I smiled

Gajeel:Can I?

I opened my mouth and he pressed it against the fang and it fit and Natsu came out of the bathroom and melted it to my fang and I smiled when it was done and Gray brought me ice for it, and they all left the room and me and Gajeel sat in silence.

Gajeel:So you’re in the guild now?

Joe:Yeah. Thanks for the fang and thanks for helping me when I gut punched you.

Gajeel:It wasn’t that bad. I’ve been hit worse.

Joe:Is that a challenge?

Gajeel:Is that an exception?

Joe:Oh it’s on.

We stood up and he looked down on me

Gajeel:You’re really short.

I grabbed his leg and pulled it from under him and he fell to the ground with a thud.




We heard loud thuds and booms.

Gray:Looks like they’ve gone at it already.



He had me in a soft head lock and I got out and climbed onto his back and pulled his head up trying to pop it off (not really) and he grabbed my shirt and put me on the floor and got ontop of me pinning my arms down and we made eye contact. I never noticed how red and pretty his eyes were. The first time I saw them. I was afraid of them. But now I’m not. He leaned down closer to my face and kissed me. His soft lips pressed against mine and he picked me up and laid on his back with me on top and held onto me tightly and it was actually pretty nice and we pulled away and he turned his head shyly and I turned it back and looked in his sweet eyes and kissed him again and he joined in and we smiled and laughed. This is the first time I’ve heard him laugh. and he sort of wiggled around some and I fell off his chest and landed on his arm. He wasn’t gonna let me fall. He carried me onto his bed and he sat cris cross and stared at me and I folded one on my legs and stared at him at this went on for hours until I got uncomfortable and he set me on his lap and I laid my head on his chest and slept.


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