(Warning: Mature content, meaning blood and murder. No sexual content.)
Jordan Hendrick has been in depression for nearly 14 years and has started to think he's hearing voices. One of these voices are telling him to hurt people, he doesn't know what to do next.


5. Why are you here?

Jordan gasps as he's pulled into a hug by Danielle "Wha-What are you doing.." he asks

"Hugging you. Why?" she asks. Jordan shrugs

"Just...never been hugged nice.." he says then hesitates before hugging back. Danielle smiles happily then looks up at Jordan

"Hey jordan?" she asks

"Yeah?" he asks, looking down at her

"What made you want to kill yourself?" she asks curiously

"'s a long story.." he says softly

"I have time." Danielle says and giggles. Jordan hesitates before nodding

"When I was parents abandoned me in an alley... a few months afterwards I was stabbed in the shoulder and barely survived." he says and shows her a scar on his shoulder "I've been alone for so long I started having voices in my head to keep me voice changed me... a lot.." he says

"How so?" Danielle asks

"Um...he... it made me hurt people..." Jordan says

"What's it called?" she asks, tilting her head

"Insanity" he says "But, I hope it leaves me alone now...Now I have a question." he says

"What might that be?" Danielle asks and smiles

"Why are you here? With me." he says "Most people have somewhere to be or someone important to meet." he says

"Because....I've heard the same voice.. only he didn't make me hurt other people.." she says and rolls up her sleeves, revealing multiple scars on her wrist. Jordan takes one of her wrists in his hand and rubs one of the scars with his thumb gently. Danielle smiles faintly before pulling him back into a hug. This time, Jordan hugs back less hesitantly

"I'm glad you're here.." he says softly

"I feel the same way. But with you." Danielle smiles.

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