(Warning: Mature content, meaning blood and murder. No sexual content.)
Jordan Hendrick has been in depression for nearly 14 years and has started to think he's hearing voices. One of these voices are telling him to hurt people, he doesn't know what to do next.


11. Remembering the Lost

Danielle dreamed of Jordan sometimes since his death. His voice replayed in her head many times, and it sometimes hurt to hear it. The voices in her head were sometimes his, but not often. She remembered when she first met him, and all the memories that they shared. His smile, and eyes, everything about him was almost too memorable. She missed him, but at least she had Michael. Though, he could never replace Jordan's place in her heart, Michael filled a gap that she had. 

And, Michael wondered what this Jordan guy was like. The way Danielle spoke of him, it made him feel bad that she lost him. Michael always wondered how Jordan was, and what he had that he didn't. It seemed there was always a gap between her love for him, and for Jordan. He wanted to fill the gap, and still leave her with the memory of him. 

"I miss him..." Danielle says softly

Micheal sighs "I know you do.." he says and hugs her tightly "I wish I could help.."

Danielle nods and stays silent, hugging him back tightly "I love you Michael."

Michael nods "I love you too Danielle.." he replies and kisses her head



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