(Warning: Mature content, meaning blood and murder. No sexual content.)
Jordan Hendrick has been in depression for nearly 14 years and has started to think he's hearing voices. One of these voices are telling him to hurt people, he doesn't know what to do next.


4. No reason...

Jordan stood on the roof of a large building, his head low "I'm tired of this....depression....loneliness...I'm a murderer. The blood of the innocent stain my hands and I did nothing but laugh. Why....why did it have to be me.. It would be better for me to just die." he whispers

"No! Stop!" a feminine voice screams behind him. He looks at where the voice came from, seeing a beautiful blonde-haired woman behind him

"What.." he says softly, looking at her

"Please, don't kill yourself.. it's not worth it." she says

"You don't even know me th-"

 "That doesn't matter! Nobody should kill themselves at all because no matter what their life is bound to get better!"she says

"It hasn't gotten better to me though.." Jordan sighs

"But it will.." she says "Every storm runs out of rain doesn't it?" she says.

Jordan raises an eyebrow "Why are you comparing my life with a storm?" he asks.

The girl giggles and shrugs "No reason...I'm Danielle." she smiles and holds out a hand. Jordan hesitates before shaking her hand

"I'm Jordan.." he says softly "Nice to meet you."

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