(Warning: Mature content, meaning blood and murder. No sexual content.)
Jordan Hendrick has been in depression for nearly 14 years and has started to think he's hearing voices. One of these voices are telling him to hurt people, he doesn't know what to do next.


3. Come back.

Jordan walks around at night silently, his head low, an insane grin on his face

"Heh... gonna kill people tonight.." he says and chuckles, walking up to someone, grabbing him from behind and pulling him into an alley, soon pain filled screams are heard before a sound of flesh tearing. Then Jordan walks out of the alley, his clothes stained with blood

"Ew, messy." he says and chuckles again before continuing the way he was going, killing civilians as he goes before getting back to his house, shutting the door then walking to his room where he then sits against one of the walls silently, pulling his knees to his chest, the insane grin on his face soon turning to a frown 

"What's happened to me...." he mumbles then holds his head "C-Come back..." he says, tears beginning to stream down his cheek "Come back Jordan.." he whispers before the sobbing starts

"Oh, suck it up you little child." Insanity growls

"I-I'm not a ch-child." he stutters  

"You're right. You're a cry baby. A wimp. Deal with it." Insanity says

"I didn't ask for this!" Jordan yells.

"You didn't ask to be ignored either." Insanity says "Nobody likes you, Jordan. So suck it up." it says. Jordan sighs softly before nodding

The next day, Jordan stands up "I don't think I wanna do this anymore.." he mumbles softly

"Shut up. You know you do and you will. " Insanity says

"I don't think I like your tone.." Jordan says

"I could care less about what you do or don't like." Insanity growls

"You know what? I think I'm gonna ignore you from now on." Jordan says

"You don't have the guts. You NEED me." Insanity says "You'll DIE without me." it growls

"You don't even know that!" Jordan says

"Of course I do! You're like a little child that needs their parent or else they're lost!" Insanity growls

"Just leave me alone!" Jordan yells and pulls his legs to his chest before he starts to cry again.

"You're pathetic.." Insanity says after a few seconds.

"I know..." he says softly

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