(Warning: Mature content, meaning blood and murder. No sexual content.)
Jordan Hendrick has been in depression for nearly 14 years and has started to think he's hearing voices. One of these voices are telling him to hurt people, he doesn't know what to do next.


7. But, how?

Danielle lays back on the couch after they get back home

"You should really thank me for letting you live with me." she says

"Thank you for letting me live with you." he says and chuckles

"You're welcome." she smiles. Jordan looks around

"You have a nice house." He says and walks around, exploring the house 

"Thanks." she says

"No problem." he says, inspecting a vase "You know, I've never been with anybody like you." Jordan says

"What am I like?" Danielle asks, tilting her head. Jordan shrugs

"Beautiful, kind, forgiving, loving, caring." he says. Danielle blushes

"T-Thank you Jordan...nobody has ever complimented me let alone called me beautiful before." she says softly

"Well than, it's obvious they don't love you like me." he says and looks out the window

" me? But, how? Why?" she asks.

"The reasons I said before." Jordan smiles. Danielle smiles widely and hugs him tight, her cheeks rosy red

"You're awesome Jordan.." she says

"And you're beautiful." he chuckles and kisses her forehead

"I...I love you too Jordan.." Danielle says, looking up at Jordan. Jordan smiles and kisses her cheek. Danielle giggles and plants a brief kiss on his lips, Jordan blushes deeply and holds her close

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