Terror at Merlton Manor By Minerva Jacqueline Perring

The MCCoys family are moving house from the big city of London to a little cottage in the quiet rural area of Astley. All the family members are really excitied about the prospect of moving house to a rural area. Susan McCoy has always dreamed of living in the rural area, having grown up all of her life in a busy urban area. Even though Tara, the eldest child of the McCoys family is feeling pretty sad of moving away from London being that she will miss her friends tons. And all their popular places Tara and her friends met up and hanged around during weekends such as the park and the shopping mall ,while her mum went shopping in the town centre. And her dad played golf on Saturday afternoons.
She and her younger brother Billy will be starting at a new school in September in Astley. When they move to Merlton Manor little do they know about the house history and its scary spirit occupants.


2. spending time in the McCoy family

The McCoy family had pretty much finished all their packing by the late evening after having their last tea living in this house. They were going to be driving down to their new house tomorrow morning at around 10.30am, at least that was when the pickford house removal van was due to arrive outside our house.

There was`nt much to eat in the house at the moment so when Jake McCoy, their father asked his children Tara and Billy what they wanted to eat they simultaneously said "A large ham and pineapple pizza please!" And it was agreed in the family.Then at around six o clock Jake phoned up the local pizza company and ordered a large family size ham and pineapple pizza and two medium sized cherry cokes. And it was delivered soon after in the house. All the family sat in their modest dining room in complete silence,the room was now crowded with large cardboard boxes. They slowly devoured every single crumb of their pizzas with great appetite. And Jake and Susan McCoy found and drank some french red wine which came from their kitchen wine rack. They both clinked their glasses together and said "Cheers!". While Tara and Billy drank their cherry cokes quickly seeing who could drink theirs first, like in a drinking contest. Billy drank his coke first.

It now looked pretty different in the dining room being that all the glass ornaments and small picture frames from inside the glass cabinet were stored inside the cardboard boxes. It was a tall mahogany piece of furniture, bought from an antique shop for mums birthday years ago. Tara and Billy helped their mum and dad take out some of the glass ornaments carefully and wrapped each of them in bubblewrap and wrote fragile on top. Tara always used to love popping out the bubbles on bubblewrap paper and would spend ages doing it like kids do.

 Afterwards both Tara and her 13 year old brother Billy raced back upstairs to their bedrooms to finish the last of their packing. Tara opened her door to her bedroom and had a quick look around her room seeing what next needed to be packed into the box. She still had some of her books on her lilac painted bookcase shelves, which her dad spent a whole day of DIY last summer drilling and putting up the shelves. He had done a great job. She was a great fan of author Catherine Cookson and had practically all of her book collection lined on the bottom book shelf tidily. Her top favourite story by Catherine Cookson had to be the one called Riley. She had read that books so many times. So she got all the rest of her books left on the shelf in both her hands and placed them midway into the cardboard box. Finally she packed all of her CD collection on top of the books inside the cardboard box. Tara was mostly into 90s pop music and loved some classical artists such as Beethoven and Ralph Van Williams. She would play music on her music system almost everyday.Finally she carried her music system and placed it inside another small spare cardboard box that her dad lent her downstairs. She decided to get washed and changed into her night wear clothes and gown. That was her packing finally done for tomorrow morning.

In the meanwhile her younger brother Billy had done almost all of his packing in his small bedroom. His own bedroom was half of the size of Taras. He said he definitely wanted to have the attic bedroom when they moved to the new house. His own bedroom walls were crammed with loads of football posters and pictures. He was a great fan of football since he was little, like Jake his dad. He was a football supporter of Everton united. His room was always untidy with a few packs of stray litter on the carpet floor.He was currently in his room looking around for sport magazines he hadnt yet packed in a cardboard box on his blue book shelf. He regularly collected sports magazines with his parents pocket money on Saturdays.


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