Terror at Merlton Manor By Minerva Jacqueline Perring

The MCCoys family are moving house from the big city of London to a little cottage in the quiet rural area of Astley. All the family members are really excitied about the prospect of moving house to a rural area. Susan McCoy has always dreamed of living in the rural area, having grown up all of her life in a busy urban area. Even though Tara, the eldest child of the McCoys family is feeling pretty sad of moving away from London being that she will miss her friends tons. And all their popular places Tara and her friends met up and hanged around during weekends such as the park and the shopping mall ,while her mum went shopping in the town centre. And her dad played golf on Saturday afternoons.
She and her younger brother Billy will be starting at a new school in September in Astley. When they move to Merlton Manor little do they know about the house history and its scary spirit occupants.


1. Prologue

Today was the last day of the school term at Lakeside Secondary school before the long summer holidays began. Six weeks of pure bliss. Tara,the eldest child of the McCoys family happily thought. It meant no exams or subject lectures for weeks to come.Yay. It was also her last day of attending Lakeside Seconday school. Half of her inside felt overfilled with joy and another half felt of her was pretty sad. Overfilled with joy being that she thought that the school was a bit too overrated. After recently being inspected and written in the local newspapers of being rated as the top school in the county. Of acheiving the highest acedemic and GCSE exam results. Tara was one of the most popular students at Lakeside Seconday school since her first week of starting in Year seven. She can clearly remember how big the school transition in between primary and secondary school felt to her.Middle school in those days just felt so awkward to her.It did not take her too long though to settle down and make new friends in her class.Being so bubbly and fun going to be around.

However she felt pretty sad at the same time that she was going to be leaving the Lakeside Secondary school. She was going to miss her best friends Kathy and Sally tons. During the lunch break though her friend Sally gave her a card and her other friend Kathy a top brand box of Thorntons chocolates. Her absolute favourite chocolates.Tara met Kathy and Sally from having been at the same maths class in Year seven. She was also going to miss both her and her friends favourite places where they would hang around together and chat together. Such as the benches alongside the local park. And definitely the shopping mall. They loved to go to the River Island shop on the second floor of the Lakeside shopping centre. They were the best of friends.

Now Tara was turning 15 in early October, she was going to be starting in Year ten. Her first year of her GCSE course. At a new secondary school in Astley along with her younger brother called Billy. Tara had just started doing her Mathematics and English Language course. She knew it was going to get stressful at times.

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