Terror at Merlton Manor By Minerva Jacqueline Perring

The MCCoys family are moving house from the big city of London to a little cottage in the quiet rural area of Astley. All the family members are really excitied about the prospect of moving house to a rural area. Susan McCoy has always dreamed of living in the rural area, having grown up all of her life in a busy urban area. Even though Tara, the eldest child of the McCoys family is feeling pretty sad of moving away from London being that she will miss her friends tons. And all their popular places Tara and her friends met up and hanged around during weekends such as the park and the shopping mall ,while her mum went shopping in the town centre. And her dad played golf on Saturday afternoons.
She and her younger brother Billy will be starting at a new school in September in Astley. When they move to Merlton Manor little do they know about the house history and its scary spirit occupants.


5. Our new Merlton Manor home

Finally we arrived at our new Merlton manor home in Astley. We all knew we wanted from the very first time to move to Merlton manor. We all saw a little white painted country cottage ahead of us on our right. We drove slowly down the slightly steep front gravelled driveway of our new home. Our estate agent who was waiting closeby in a white car got out and gave us the house keys and wished us the best of luck in our new home. And drove off. We all got out of the parked Volvo car one by one. Little did they know about the house history. A few hours later that afternoon after all of our furniture and possessions were all put in our new home things in our new house started to feel really strange to us. The Merlton country house looked very nice and welcoming with so stunning views of fields and hills at the back of the house. But inside of the house it instantly felt not right. We sensed it straight away.The first night when the McCoy family were sitting in the front room chatting together about their day all of a sudden out of nowhere we saw two of our ornaments on the shelf fall off to the ground. And nobody was touching them at that moment. The other night when Billy was sitting at his computer by his office desk he suddenly heard light quite fast footsteps walk towards his room and about a couple of yards away from him. All of the rooms inside Merlton manor would stay cold even in the summer months and things on the bedroom shelves would either go missing or fall off by themselves. One afternoon our dad did some research on the Merlton manor and apparently found out that the house was old and that the Carsons family lived in this house before and the scary spirit occupants turned out to be them. Later that year we went to visit a local estate agents and got offered to buy another house still in the subrural area of Astley. The McCoys knew it was for the best for their family.

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