Terror at Merlton Manor By Minerva Jacqueline Perring

The MCCoys family are moving house from the big city of London to a little cottage in the quiet rural area of Astley. All the family members are really excitied about the prospect of moving house to a rural area. Susan McCoy has always dreamed of living in the rural area, having grown up all of her life in a busy urban area. Even though Tara, the eldest child of the McCoys family is feeling pretty sad of moving away from London being that she will miss her friends tons. And all their popular places Tara and her friends met up and hanged around during weekends such as the park and the shopping mall ,while her mum went shopping in the town centre. And her dad played golf on Saturday afternoons.
She and her younger brother Billy will be starting at a new school in September in Astley. When they move to Merlton Manor little do they know about the house history and its scary spirit occupants.


3. Our last evening in London

Tara got out of the bathroom afterwards and went down the stairs and headed left towards the living room. She slowly opened the living room door and found her dad and Billy sitting on the sofa, still in their best day clothes which consisted of a navy short sleeve t shirt and black jeans. My dad was watching a comedy sketch tv programme on BBC1 laughing a lot. Dad loved his comedies, he was always up to date with them. Whilst Billy was half lying down on the other sofa with one of his football magazines bought from the local newsagent shop closeby. He had his head down deep into his magazine without looking up when I came into the room. "Where is mum?" I ask. "She is in the kitchen cutting each of us a slice of iced cake dear" he said. So I head into the kitchen towards the back of the house and see mum over by the kitchen counter putting all the sliced pieces of iced cake with a milk chocolate flake placed on top. Mum walked back into the living room and handed each of us a small plate with a slice of cake on. "Thank you!" we said. It was on really rare occasions like this that me and Billy were allowed to eat cake or any other junk food for that matter. That was how Tara and Billy were brought up by both of their parents.We all sat down together, apart from Billy who said he wanted to call his best friend Brian on his mobile phone upstairs in his bedroom. So me, mum and dad spent the rest of the evening until around 10.30pm watching the comedy programme on television and had a great time.

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