Terror at Merlton Manor By Minerva Jacqueline Perring

The MCCoys family are moving house from the big city of London to a little cottage in the quiet rural area of Astley. All the family members are really excitied about the prospect of moving house to a rural area. Susan McCoy has always dreamed of living in the rural area, having grown up all of her life in a busy urban area. Even though Tara, the eldest child of the McCoys family is feeling pretty sad of moving away from London being that she will miss her friends tons. And all their popular places Tara and her friends met up and hanged around during weekends such as the park and the shopping mall ,while her mum went shopping in the town centre. And her dad played golf on Saturday afternoons.
She and her younger brother Billy will be starting at a new school in September in Astley. When they move to Merlton Manor little do they know about the house history and its scary spirit occupants.


4. Moving to Astley

 The McCoy family apart from Tara, got up the next morning quite early at around 6.30am. It gave them plenty of time to get dressed and ready for moving house. Tara got up out of bed at around 7.30am and got changed in the bathroom wearing her casual stripy lilac purple blouse and skirt. She went downstairs into the dining room and found the rest of her family sitting at the table eating some honey shreddies cereal and sipping some Cadbury hot chocolate drinks slowly at a time. "Good morning, are you ready for the house move?" I didnt really answer, just nodded back. Still feeling pretty exhausted. Her dad and Billy were having a rather long conversation together talking about football straight after eating their breakfast. Tara overheard in their conversation that apparently last night when Billy phoned to his friend Brian he was asking whether Billy would like to meet up with him to go to a football match stadium. After they settled into their new house and when his parents gave him their permission to go. Then they were going on endlessly about Tuesdays football match results and so forth. Tara personally thought that their conversation was pretty dull and meaningless to her.She had absolutely no interest in football whatsoever. So she decided to go into the living room and watch some reality tv show whilst painting her nails and brushing her hair.

Before the McCoy family knew it it was almost 10.30am and suddenly there was a brief knock at their front door. It was the pickfords house removal men coming for their own posessions and furniture. "Hi, are you all right?", "Where would you like us in your house to start from?" "Lets start in the front living room, it will be the easiest". Both Tara and Billy helped to move all of their cardboard boxes with their own possessions inside. Dad and the removal men mostly did the hard tiring work of moving heavy furniture such as the chest of drawers and the sliding glass cabinet and such. It took a good couple of hours at least before everything in the house was emptied. Our new residents in our old house were apparently going to be a small family of three. That we met briefly when giving a tour around our house.They seemed pleasant enough.

The drive in our black Volvo car to Astley to Merlton Manor was rather unpleasant. The traffic queue towards the last two roundabouts heading out to Astley became slow moving traffic. The pickfords removal van ended up being  The journey took us a good 3 hours. During the long journey Billy just read through his football magazines and Tara and mum just looked outside of the back car windows and admired the rural views along Astley. It was a really hot day in mid July reaching up to 25 degrees celsius by mid day. 

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