Michel and his beloved Vanessa both go to hell


2. Hell

Michel was walking on hot stone it was burning and blistering his feet by every step he took. He could smell the humans and animals getting burned. Then all of a sudden the devil himself came and picked up Michel with his big red strong muscular arms and chucked him in a pot filled with fire.

The flames were growing bit by bit and the smoke was increasing and increasing threatening to suffocate and strangle him for eternity.

But he had to rescue Vanessa ,but he couldn't get out because the devil was standing next to the pot which was burnt black by the heat. And the devil was watching him with his two piercing yellow eyes which looked as if they could drill a hole through him any second.

The only thing he could do was hope. Hope that the devil would take mercy on him and take him out of the pot filled with fire.


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