Ronan keating's daughter

savannah Keating has always loved to sing, but she has never told her dad because she knows he wont ever let her audition for any show ever!!!,/ what does savannah do to get what she wants, when she goes to Australia with her siblings to live with their dad for a little while?


1. chapter one - about me

btw the girl on the front cover is me :) (savannah)


full name:- Savannah Kyla Imogen Keating

Age: 14

Family: -------------
---Ronan Keating(father)(37 years old)

---Yvonne Connolly(mother)(40 years old)

---Jack Keating(older brother)(15 years old)

---Missy Keating(younger sister)(13 years old)

---Ali Keating(younger sister)(9 years old)

I have lived with my mum and siblings, but always gone to visit dad when he had time off from work in Australia for a couple of weeks than I would come back and live with mum again. its okay, we all don't mind travelling all the way over to Australia than back to Ireland, because its great over in Australia.

the only difference about this time is me and my siblings are going to see dad for a few months even when he is working on the Australian version of the x factor, but none of us mind it means we can hang out there and help out with some things.

This holiday is going to be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- a/n

hello everyone, I hope you will enjoy this story, I have wanted to put it up for so long, so im going to do it now, hope you do enjoy, please like comment and favourite :)

- love from arielblack1 xx

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