When nineteen year old Abby Hamilton comes home from her first year of college everything seems perfect. That is until her brothers roommate, Ben, goes missing. Everyone assumes he ran away and doesn't want to be found, but Abby suspects foul play. Will Abby be able to find Ben before it's too late?


1. May 13th, 2013

            I sat in my living room in shock and disbelief. I had known Ben for practically my entire life. He lived across the street from my family and he was my brother’s best friend. Ben and Chris had been inseparable from the minute the met. And now, Ben was gone. Well, not gone, just missing.

            Since Chris and I were the last two people to see him, we were being questioned to see if we had any idea on where he could’ve gone. I looked to my left and next to me on the couch was Chris. To be honest, he looked like shit. He was the one who first realized Ben was missing. They were roommates in an apartment complex about five minutes from our house and were attending the local community college together.

            I looked across the room to the love seat where my parents sat. They had already asked us if we knew anything. Shocker. Being questioned about what we did was an every day thing for Chris and I. Our dad was a private investigator for the police department, and no doubt would be heading this case, but of course he couldn’t be the one to question us since it would be “conflict of interest”. Our mother was a lawyer, who would no doubt take the case if there was foul play involved. Needless to say, Chris and I never got away with anything growing up.

            I turned away from them and looked out the window right as the cop cruiser pulled in to our driveway. I watched as the two deputies got out of the car. One was Steve, my dad’s best friend from way back, and a younger guy who I assumed had to be new since I didn’t recognize him.

            I just wanted to pinch myself and end this horrible nightmare. I wanted to wake up in my bed, and go downstairs. I wanted to walk into the kitchen to find Chris and Ben having breakfast, like they did every Saturday morning in the summer. I just wanted Ben here.




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