Is He A Player?

Will Emma and her friends fined true love or will there hearts be broken


1. Chapter 1

Is He A Player Chapter 1

Emma's POV

Its 6 in the morning and my alarm clock keeps on going off so i decide to unplug it from the wall and trow it across the room. Ugh i think to myself another day at school. So i get ready and chose an outfit for school. I chose to wear a pair off denim jeans with a black top leather jaket and black leater hightops. As you can probably tell i'm not the best at making friends but I have got the best in the world. My friends are Caitlin, Sheneé, Maddi, Kelsey and Alex. We're best of friends but the thing is knowone lukes us so we exept each other and pretend we dont notice. Before school we meet up at the libray to study everyday. The bell rings ohh yay we all say sarcasticly. Luckily we're all in the same clases. We start the day with math class I nearly fall a sleep diring this class because its too easy for me. So after class I went to my teacher and she said I can try the hiest group. I was stunned I didnt think I would get into that group. Plus I just remembered that the only person I new in that class it was the bad boy of the school Luke Hemmings. Ugh I was dreading it why me what did i do to deserve this. Any way i have to go and find my friends. As the bell went we all walked to our next class English. When we walk in i notice a new kid he came about a week ago but Caitlins had a crush on him ever since his name was Ashton Irwin.

Caitlins POV

Im so luky I get to sit right next to him and he talks to me. I dont know why i like him but i do maybe its his cute brown hair that swoops just right or maybe its his soft brown eyes or that he has the kindest heart or that he's simpley the hottest guy on earth. I realy want to ask him out but i dont know how. OMG i have the best idea eva! I'll ask him to the prom this weekend. So after class ill ask him. The bell rang I walk out the class and see Ash talking to Stefanie the Popular girl i cant belive shes flirting with him.

Alex's POV

I walk out the class with the girls and then see Caitlin dead in her tracks staring at Ash the new guy then she runs off crying. Then i see Ash running after her. What is he doing oh well ill text everyone saying to meet at the food court.

Ashtons POV

Why is caitlin sad i wish she would tell me but she always acts so distant from me. Ugh i hope she's ok. I run as fast as i can to her and stop here shes in tears they keep rolling diwn her face i dont know what to do. So i swipe the hait away from her face and lift her face up so that i can see her beautiful eyes and i ask her whats wrong.

Caitlins POV

He cares about me he asked me wjat was weong maybe he actually doesnt like Stefanie. " well i--- umm i kinda sirta like you like not like you but like you like you sorta ummm yeah..."

Ashtons POV

She she likes me she actually generaly likes me yes score she likes me. This is like the best day ever! Umm what do i say what do i say but before i can say anything i utter out " me to i really like you and i was wirried that you wouldnt like me." I was kinda happy thy i said that i want her to like me for who i am but now i know she does.

Caitlins POV

He what im sorry did i hear that corectly he he likes me this is the best day ever! Should i ask him out i think to myself.

Astons POV

"so umm do you wanna go out with ummm me if you wannna but only of you wanna cuz you know only ifff umm you wanna umm sorry im really nervous cuz i really like you."

Caitlin POV

"Hummm I dont know ill have to think about it YES!" He pulls me into a kiss and its the best thing that ever happend to me!

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