News, updates, things going on, etc. from ME!!!


1. holllaaaa

Hey guys I'm still not feeling well but I will soon!! Hopefully... I did write a little for amnesia but I'll probably update both books tomorrow. I also have some news. Good and bad. We will start with the bad first. Well basically I have a Pinterest and I got on because I had like 42 notifications and it's annoying so I was scrolling through and someone commented on one of my pins and said something along the lines of ur ratchet and luke will never date you. Because in my bio on Pinterest I'm just playing around saying how he is or will be my boyfriend. I mean everybody does it. So idk why she said that but she replied back and I think she said that it was in my bio that I said that and that someone like me would neve have a chance so I told her thanks for telling me the truth that I am ugly because it's true and that I'll be meeting them next year and thanks for her consideration. So I basically told my friends only one has replied to me I'm just waiting in the others I even tweeted the guys with screenshots. But the good news is that I have a twitter and my @ is @Asxhton5SOS feel free to follow me!! Anyways I love u guys byesssss

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