The Guitar Player

Piper Lovelace swore she'd never ever fall in love with a mucisian, considering her father was one and had left her, her mother, and little brother. But, for unknown reasons, poor Piper has inherited her father's "talent."

Her mother, wanting her to do something with her singing, sends her to a school for performing arts students where she meets Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood, the apparent most popular boys in school.

Piper, of course tries to ignore them, attempting to stick to her no mucisians and most certainly no guitar players rule. But, Luke, determined to capture her attention, only keeps getting closer.

So close, Piper is afraid he may unravel the secret that is her.


4. New Friends and New Phones

At lunch time, I was completely lost. I wasn't lost like oh hey I can't figure out where I'm going kind of lost. Nope. I was lost like there's so many assholes here who do I sit with kind of lost. I was relieved when Zoe sauntered up to me with a big ass grin.

"Hey, newbie. Why don't you come sit with me?" She suggested and I nodded, following her to her table. At the table were two other girls and two other boys. "Welcome to our humble table, Piper."

The four people sitting at the table looked up at me and I was caught off guard, blinking rapidly. They were all kind of hot. Damn it, Australia. You produce the most attractive people ever. I really hated it. The girl with long brown hair and pretty green eyes smiled at me. It was a pretty smile. Everything about her was pretty from her sparkling green eyes to her smile to her outfit (black tank top, red flannel, skinny jeans, converse).

"Hey there, love!" She exclaimed and I was surprised to hear she had a British accent. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Kayden. I'm glad you're sitting with us."

"I'm not." sighed the other girl. "It's just another unwanted body sitting at this table." She was quite tiny and had bright red hair (dare I say it but not unlike Michael's) and dark eyes. She was leaning against a boy with black hair and wide dark eyes.

"That's not true. Don't be mean, Renee. You must like Johnny well enough considering you're leaning against him." Kayden scolded her, frowning.

"Oh shut up!" Renee grumbled. She was American.

"Both of you shut up!" said the other boy, looking annoyed. He had wavy golden hair and sparkling hazel eyes. He was pretty damn handsome.

"Whatever, Daniel." Kayden sighed, going back to her lunch.

Zoe rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed at her friends antics. She sat down in Daniel's lap, grinning. "Are you done yet? Because if so, Piper has a story involving the douches from 5 Seconds of Asses."

"Like a 'oh I fucked one of them in the closet and now they're ignoring me' story or a 'I fucking hate them and did something to piss them off' story?" Renee inquired, nibbling on a French fry.

"That made no sense, Ren. But anyways. Pipe, tell them." Zone said, grinning, excitdely.

And so I did. I told them about how I ran into Calum and how I had shouted at Luke and how they had broken my phone and I couldn't talk to my family because of them. By the end of the story everyone, besides Zoe who had already heard the story and had had a similar reaction when she originally heard, gaped at me.

"They should buy you a new phone." Daniel announced.

"You deserve it. You should make them." Kayden agreed, nodding.

"You stood up to Luke once. I don't see the difference in telling him off again, he's already pissed at you. They all are. It can't hurt to tell him to get you a phone. Either he does it or he ignores you or he ruins your social life." Zoe said.

We all simultaneously looked over at the table where the Australian asses sat, flirting with girls. Calum was sitting next to a girl with an arm over the back of her chair, his head tilted close to hers while he told her something. She laughed in response. I rolled my eyes and gagged. Ashton was sitting by Michael, smiling and looking a wee bit awkward and shy but I was quite sure it was an act. Michael was nodding as he ate and a girl talked to him. Last and most certainly least, Luke sat on the table, talking to two girls. They were looking at him like he was some sort of god.

Oh god. I really was going to be sick.

"Do it. Do it now." Renee hissed, jabbing me in the ribs with her finger.

"Ow! What the fuck?" I growled, scowling at her.

"Go demand for a new phone! Right now! In front of all the girls. Embarrass them!" Zoe exclaimed, grinning. I looked around the table and saw that everyone else agreed too.

"Okay fine." I sighed. "But if they look like they're going to kill me, come rescue me."

They laughed but I was serious. I stood up and slowly walked over to the table, playing with my dad's pick, rubbing my fingers across the smooth surface. Ashton spotted me first and nudged Michael who looked up then shoved Calum who shouted which caught Luke's attention. He grinned when he saw me and I sneered in response.

"Hey, pretty girl. You're new here, right?" Luke said, standing up. I rolled my eyes. I couldn't believe he was acting like he didn't know who I was. I could tell he knew by the look in his eyes. He was still pissed that I bruised his ego by yelling at him.

"You owe me a phone, asshole." I said coldly, glaring at him and occasionally the other three boys.

"I do?" He raised his eyebrows, looking amused.

"Actually, your friend does considering he was the one who ran into me." I smiled but there was no warmth to it. I looked at Calum. "You owe me a fucking phone. I want it by the end of the day. Got it?"

Calum laughed and grinned. "Yes, ma'am."

I sneered again and rolled my eyes, turning around, beginning to walk away. "I hate this place."

The rest of the day passed painfully slow even with my new friends in most of my classes. I was more than happy when I got to my locker at the end of the day. I didn't even care that the bright color was assaulting my eyes anymore, I was just too damn exhausted and wanted to go home. Not Sasha's house, but home where my mom and brother were.

"Piper," someone said from behind me. I turned around, figuring it was either Zoe or Kayden but instead I was greeted with Ashton Irwin, wearing a heart melting-panty dropping smile. My eyebrows raised up to my hairline, almost.

"How do you know my name?" I snapped, slamming my locker door shut, annoyed.

"I have my sources," he joked. I rolled my eyes and began to walk away but he grabbed my wrist. "Wait, I have something for you."

"What? A kiss? A quickie in the janitors closet? I'm not like the other girls." I hissed, trying to pull away from him.

"That's not what I have, Piper. Luke wanted you to have this." Ashton said, handing me a box. I looked down at it and my eyes widened. iPhone 5. Black. The most expensive phone I had ever even touched, I think.

"I can't take this." I shoved the box back towards Ashton but he wouldn't take it.

"You were just demanding for it a few hours ago. You're keeping it." Ashton grinned at me. I didn't even say thank you, my heart racing as I tried to turn away, panicking. "Piper, wait." I froze, not turning around. "Tell Kayden I say hi."

I nodded and then sprinted out of the school into the parking lot. I leaned against the wall, breathing heavily, and looked down at the box in my hands again.

I owned an iPhone 5 thanks to Luke Hemmings, an Australian asshole.

Oh. My. God.

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