The Guitar Player

Piper Lovelace swore she'd never ever fall in love with a mucisian, considering her father was one and had left her, her mother, and little brother. But, for unknown reasons, poor Piper has inherited her father's "talent."

Her mother, wanting her to do something with her singing, sends her to a school for performing arts students where she meets Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood, the apparent most popular boys in school.

Piper, of course tries to ignore them, attempting to stick to her no mucisians and most certainly no guitar players rule. But, Luke, determined to capture her attention, only keeps getting closer.

So close, Piper is afraid he may unravel the secret that is her.


2. Australia Is Hot...But The Boys Are Hotter

I wanted to punch someone.

I was not even exagarating. I'm pretty sure if I pushed someone at the moment I would feel ten thousand times better. If Beckett were there, I would punch him, but since he wasn't, I settled for a wall instead. I yelped, cradling my sore fist to my hand, gaining many odd looks from the people walking past me. Me being the snarky rude ass I was, sneered at them.

What did they know about me? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I flicked my hair out of my face impatiently as I grabbed my bag from baggage claim and began to speed walk towards the door of the airport. Seeing as my hand still hurt from my random attack of anger, I pressed my arm to my side and used my other one to drag my suitcase along.

The first thing I noticed about Australia was the unbearable sticky hot temperature as I stepped outside. I winced and slid my sunglasses down to shield my eyes. My eyes flickered around the parking lot, trying to spot the family friend my mom had set me up to stay with.


I turned to the side and spotted a woman with blonde hair cut into a chic pixie cut and warm brown eyes. Her smile was bright and inviting and she looked a bit familiar.

"Yeah! Hi. You must be Sasha." I said, taking a step forward to greet her with a small smile.

"It's great to see you again! You've grown so much!" She squealed, pulling me into a hug. I weakly wrapped my arms around her, rolling my eyes. Everyone said that. No one ever meant it. If they really wanted to see me grow they would have visited more often.

"Yeah. Same to you," I muttered with a tiny sigh. She pulled away, taking my bag and leading me over to a beat up mini van. I raises my eyebrows at it slightly but made no comment.

"You'll just love it here! I know it!" Sasha exclaimed, her voice bright and cheery as she brought my suitcase into her van. She was too perky. Too happy. I already disliked her. "There's lots of kids your age."

I nodded silently, sliding into the passenger seat of her mini van.

She tried to make small talk as we drove, but I ignored her, only staring at the window. I was too pissed to actually talk to anyone. I had made that very clear by the way I didn't talk to anyone but Beckett leading up to my flight. I barely said bye to my mom before leaving. My dad tried calling too, but I didn't answer him either.

The neighborhood Sasha lived in was the stereotypical middle class type of neighborhood with white pocket fences and neat little gardens. It made me want to barf. Every house we passed that had a nearly trimmed yard made my eyes narrow a little bit more. At least Sasha's wasn't so bad.

Her house was a bright yellow with lots of different colors splattered all over it and her yard was overgrown with weeds and wild looking flowers sticking up all over the place. Her garage door was also splattered with paint and her driveway was caked with it. A small smile made my lips curve up. I actually liked her house.

"I'll bring your things up to your room. You should try to meet some kids. They're always out!" Sasha told me kindly before stumbling around, dragging my bags inside. I couldn't help but let out a small laugh at her clumsiness before looking out at the neighborhood. I checked my phone real quick, wondering if Beckett had sent me any texts, but to my disappointment, hasn't.

Though jet lag was kicking my ass, I decided I would at least pretend to meet some other people my age and instead take a walk to stretch out my legs.

I yawned as I started out on the sidewalk, tampering with my phone some. I didn't look up as I played around with my Instagram and Twitter. Which was probably why I ran straight into someone. I stumbled backwards, tripping over my own two feet and falling into butt. I growled and looked up.

Four boys around my age stood looking down at me, just as startled as me. The one I had ran into, he had black hair, dark brown eyes, tanned skin, and a muscle shirt on showing off his biceps, wore an apologetic look.

"I'm really sorry! We really weren't paying attention!" He exclaimed, holding out a hand to help me up. I got up without grabbing it. I looked around for my phone until my eyes landed on it, a couple feet away in the grass. I groaned when I saw the cracked screen.

"Aw, shit! You broke my phone!" I snapped at him, glaring as I crouched down, picking it up and inspecting it.

"Holy shit! I'm so sorry! I really didn't-" he began to apologize again but I stood up and shoved him abruptly, cutting him off.

"Shut the hell up! I don't want your apology, I want a new phone! This is my only way of communicating with my family in America and you broke it... I just, I hate this country!" I shouted, getting the feeling of wanting to punch something again.

"Hey! It wasn't his fault so why don't you calm down!" The blonde standing next to the boy exclaimed.

I jabbed him in the chest with my finger. "You, you fuck off! All of you and all your other lame ass Australians fuck off! Got it? Thanks! Extend that to all your other dumb as shit Aussie's!"

I didn't wait to hear what they had to say, I just speed walked away, fuming the whole way back to Sasha's but as I did, I realized something.

The boys back there were hot.

Really hot.

Like hotter than Australia's weather.

I groaned, loud and hard, so wishing Beckett was there to punch.

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