Unknown # (h.s)

This is technically the book after FaceBook (n.h) called Unknown #. Hopefully you enjoy the series :). P.S incase you didn't read FaceBook, no worries, this book will be a new life line :)
~ Imagine a lucky you, pizza delivery girl, quite accidentally carrying the pizza order of Harry Styles, and then he falls in love with you from first sight, and you marry him a week after.
Your imagination is too wide, hun.
But what if Tomika's lucky pizza order brings her to someone... veeeery interesting. What happens next?
PS: the book is funny, cuz im funny. yep. #selfesteem


8. deleting it?

hey society.

i was sitting, and thinking if I should remove this story.

it hasn't gained the success I expected it too which is pretty understanable for a trashy fanfic like this one .

Lately I've been working my ass off on another fanfiction, and I don't know what to update for this.

you are the judge.

its in your hands.

comment if you want me to just leave this story to where its at, or delete it, and publish the new one.

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