Unknown # (h.s)

This is technically the book after FaceBook (n.h) called Unknown #. Hopefully you enjoy the series :). P.S incase you didn't read FaceBook, no worries, this book will be a new life line :)
~ Imagine a lucky you, pizza delivery girl, quite accidentally carrying the pizza order of Harry Styles, and then he falls in love with you from first sight, and you marry him a week after.
Your imagination is too wide, hun.
But what if Tomika's lucky pizza order brings her to someone... veeeery interesting. What happens next?
PS: the book is funny, cuz im funny. yep. #selfesteem


7. Chapter 5

"What are we waiting for? I ask Harry as we are standing outside on the sidewalk.

"My limo," he simply replied.

"Limo?!" I exclaim. I have never been on a limo before.

"Never been on one?"

"No. I am not a rich, famous girl like you."

"I'm not a girl," he giggled. I can't help,but blush and look down.

"I see you blushing." Well okay now I feel awkward.

I see the big white limo park in front of us. Harry leads me in before he climbs in after me. I look around to see how big, and comfy it is in here. 

"Drive us back to the hotel to pick up the boys, and then you know where to go," Harry informs the driver. I wonder where we are going to be going. I already feel myself shaking. Simply because being in one car with the guys from One Direction is going to giving me a mini stroke. 

"You okay?" Harry questions, and I feel his warm hand rest on my thigh. A rush of panic passes through my body, and he takes his hand off. "You weren't this nervous when you were talking to me on the phone," he says. 

"I'm just in a bit of a shock right now,"  I reply.

"Don't be. You know we are just normal people," he softly speaks and smirks. My heart is beating so fast that I feel like it might pop out of my chest any second.

"Everyone says that, but you guys are known all over the world. It isn't just simple, and normal for a girl that came out of nowhere to be sitting in a limo, with five of the most known people on Earth," I explain. I might have said that faster than I wanted. "How did you even decide to invite me to hang out with you? Aren't yall like busy people? I just delivered your pizza, and you called me, and we talked on the phone, and then I got super sick, and you came to the hospital to see me, but I don't even know why that happened like I woke up, and then I'm here sitting here with Harry freaking Styles in a big ass limo-"


I stop myself, and look at him.

He chuckles. "Calm down."

"I'm sorry," I say and awkwardly smile.

"Don't worry about it okay? Just enjoy today."

I nod.

Sooner than I expected we park at the hotel, and I'm here sitting in the car waiting for Harry to go to the room, and get the boys. 

I see his luscious curls come towards the car. I notice him being alone. 

"Unfortunately the boys are at the movies giving the fans a surprise for the movie premier," he says through the window.

"Why aren't you there?" I ask. He walks around, and sits next to me in the car.

"Because I didn't know we were going, and I'm here with you now," he says and smiles. I am confused about why he is smiling. I begin feeling super bad, because he missed his premier for me.

"Wow, now I feel really bad. You should go to the premier," I say.

"Don't feel bad at all. I can just skip it."

"No you cant," I say really fast. "I mean you should go see your fans. Don't sit around here with me," I laugh awkwardly.

He looks out the window for a minute, maybe thinking about what he should do. 

"I can't just leave you here," he says.

Even if he 'just leaves me here' I wouldn't feel bad at all, because it's Harry Styles.

"Go surprise those sexually frustrated fans," I say, and I smiled. I might have sounded like  I was hating on them, but honestly I was just trying to be funny.

"Sexually frustrated fans?" he questions with a confused look.

I sigh, "Haven't you read the fanfictions they write about you?"

"Okay true, true. They are sort of sexually frustrated," he admits.

"In a good way of course," I add.

He smiles."First thing I'm doing tomorrow is hang out with you. I promise."

"Okay," I say, and then I receive a text message from my mom. I look down to check it, and now I know my plans are ruined. "Welp never mind. My mom just said I'm grounded, because of skipping work, and Imma be doing chores all day tomorrow."

Harry's face turns from a smile into a frown. I wonder what he is thinking. Maybe he is thinking that I am such a loser that my mom is controlling my life all the time, and I make no effort to do anything about it. Wait. That is exactly how it is. I am a loser. Wow, good job Tomika at fixing your life problems.

"Drive her back to her home," Harry told the driver. Wait did I miss something he said? Or did he just not say anything about it? 

Harry hops off the car, and waves to me for goodbye. I wave back, and the car goes.

I wonder if my co-worker called my mom, and told her I'm away...

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