Unknown # (h.s)

This is technically the book after FaceBook (n.h) called Unknown #. Hopefully you enjoy the series :). P.S incase you didn't read FaceBook, no worries, this book will be a new life line :)
~ Imagine a lucky you, pizza delivery girl, quite accidentally carrying the pizza order of Harry Styles, and then he falls in love with you from first sight, and you marry him a week after.
Your imagination is too wide, hun.
But what if Tomika's lucky pizza order brings her to someone... veeeery interesting. What happens next?
PS: the book is funny, cuz im funny. yep. #selfesteem


5. Chapter 3 Part 2

Harry's P.O.V

"Where are you going?" Louis asked me as I was heading out the door. 

"To the hospital. To see Tomika," I responded. 

He stared at me for a minute with a confused face, probably wondering who Tomika is, but I had no damn time for explanations. 

I drove to the hospital she was in, and risking my privacy without a body guard going to that hospital wasn't maybe a good idea, but this really didn't matter right now. 

I knocked on the room door, but Tomika didn't answer me, so I decided to just walk in. 

At the second I cracked the door open, I saw ... nobody... on that bed. My heart began beating fast for some reason.

I opened it all the way, and for my relief she was standing next to the window with this metal pole next to her. 

Wow, she got so skinny pretty quickly. It's scary.

"Hey Tomika."

She turned her head around, and her reaction was kinda funny.

Her eyes widened, and her mouth was opened. I smiled.

"Are you my husband?"

I giggled even though it wasn't so funny, the fact that she don't remember me.

"I wish," I said unintentionally.

"Holy fuck," she said her voice cracking. 

"You probably don't remember me right now, but hopefully you get your memory back," I told her.

"Yeah totally with this needle in my vein. Damn, though, those doctors trynna kill me or sum."

"Wait what," I said between laughs. I swear, this girl got her humor even when she's sick.

"Harry, I know who you are, I was just surprised that you still remember who I am."

"Duh, I mean I was at yo crib last night, " I said,  trying to copy her ghetto speaking which turned out pretty well to be honest.

"How can anyone forget a drawing like you," she said smiling.

"Well, thanks. I can definitely see you are getting better."

I was pretty relieved that she is fine, and that her humor is at its best. 

"Can I ask you something?" she asked in complete seriousness. Quite scary.

I nodded.

"Can I get yo numbah?" she said, and looked at me with those cute, watery, puppy eyes.

I laughed out loud, and said, "You already do, silly!"

"Uh... right. Oh, and by the way there is screaming girls in front of the hospital. That's so, fudging weird."

"That's a sign I gotta get going then."

"Okay. Thanks for stopping by, and oh tell Niall Horan that he can be our best man on the wedding," she said with a wide, obviously sarcastic smile. 

I chuckled, and winked, "For sure."

I left as fast as possible so I don't get mobbed.

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