Unknown # (h.s)

This is technically the book after FaceBook (n.h) called Unknown #. Hopefully you enjoy the series :). P.S incase you didn't read FaceBook, no worries, this book will be a new life line :)
~ Imagine a lucky you, pizza delivery girl, quite accidentally carrying the pizza order of Harry Styles, and then he falls in love with you from first sight, and you marry him a week after.
Your imagination is too wide, hun.
But what if Tomika's lucky pizza order brings her to someone... veeeery interesting. What happens next?
PS: the book is funny, cuz im funny. yep. #selfesteem


4. Chapter 3 Part 1

I wake up, and in fact I am in an empty white room with a machine that beeps every 2 seconds. 

A needle was like .. literally in my skin with a tube that leads to this metal stand with a bag filled with permeable liquid. 

I stood up slowly, and took the breathing mask off my face. I held on to the metal thing. I walked out the room with it, and looked around. I felt weak, and I couldn't really walk nor stand,but I tried my best to find a nurse.

I reached one, and tapped her on the shoulder interrupting her conversation.

"Sorry, but what has happened to me? Why am I here?" I questioned. She looked at me a little frightened, and took out her folder. She looked through the papers.

"You were driven here with the emergency guys last night. Here it says that you've gotten a really bad fever, and you right now need to be in bed. Go back!"

I nodded, and slowly walked back to the room I was in when I woke up. 

The only thing I remember was that Harry Styles was sitting next to me in bed, but I shook that off since this is absolutely impossible, and I was probably dreaming. 

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