Unknown # (h.s)

This is technically the book after FaceBook (n.h) called Unknown #. Hopefully you enjoy the series :). P.S incase you didn't read FaceBook, no worries, this book will be a new life line :)
~ Imagine a lucky you, pizza delivery girl, quite accidentally carrying the pizza order of Harry Styles, and then he falls in love with you from first sight, and you marry him a week after.
Your imagination is too wide, hun.
But what if Tomika's lucky pizza order brings her to someone... veeeery interesting. What happens next?
PS: the book is funny, cuz im funny. yep. #selfesteem


3. Chapter 2 Second Part

*Harry's P.O.V*

I honestly don't even know who this girl is, but I have an odd urge to go see her right now. 

A stranger makes me feel sick to the stomach knowing she is not okay.

What's wrong with me?

Anyway, as I got some vegetarian soup for her, I headed towards the address she had sent me. 

The neighborhood kinda frightened me. No offense, but there was a bunch of guys with saggy pants, and cigs in their hands. 

I knock on the door. 

A not so old looking woman, actually.. very attractive woman opens the door.

"May I help you?"

"Hello, I am Tomika's friend from English class. I brought some soup for her if that's okay."

"Friend from English? She doesn't take English anymore.."

Now I was stuck with answers.

"Well yeah, from when she was taking it."

"Oh, okay. Do you want to come in? I don't know if she is sleeping or not since she is really sick as you might already know."

I nodded.

"Thank you, and yes I do know."

"Her room is to the left upstairs," she let me know. I took my shoes off, and began walking towards Tomika's room. I slowly opened the door incase she was asleep. 


She was asleep.

Now you probably wonder if I will comment on her looks.

She was so deeply asleep, I wasn't feeling like waking her up. She definitely seemed sick, her nose was making a sound as she was sleeping, her eyes were fully closed, and her body was relaxed as if she had to desire to be touched. 

One piece of hair was laying across her left cheek. I gently moved it away trying not to wake her up, but that wasn't the case. 

Her eyes slowly opened as a tiny tear came out of her right eye. 

"Hey," I quietly said. She half smiled.

She couldn't breathe. I felt it. 

"You--- you really... here.." she said trying to find words. This worried me. I knew she wasn't okay, and I don't know what happens.

"Sh.. don't speak. Just close your eyes, and sleep. I will be here," I told her.

She listened to me, and turned her head slightly the other direction closing her eye lids again.

I placed the soup on the tiny table next to her bed,and sat at the other side of the bed crossing my legs, just so I don't accidentally move her, and scare her.

I was just there staring at her sleeping in sickness. 

This bothered me.

A lot.

I don't know why. 

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