Moons of Shadows

This story is about Lusetta Skylar a Elite demon assassin who possesses wizard powers of all kind. The evil man named Deloria has awaken the most dangerous, destructive demon monster named Detora. This monster was hibernating for millions of years under the Temple of Aztec. Deloria plans to use this demon to do his dirty work to rule over the world. What will Lusetta Skylar do? Is she strong enough to beat this destructive demon and to stop Deloria from ruling the earth? Read the book to find out more
(Another story of Davion Daitron and Lusetta Skylar)


12. Unconscious Dreams

Chapter 12: Unconcious Dreams


"Where I'm I..." I was in a place that looked like the heaven skies it looked like a dream.


"What do you want Rosetta."

"Why don't you remember him..he is not our enemy."

"Yes he is! He is our enemy!"

"Then tell me why he's our enemy!"

"Because he killed Eric..."

"He didn't kill Eric Lusetta He is Er-"

"No he's not Rosetta stop defending him..."

"If you don't want to listen to me you'll find out the hard way.." As soon as Rosetta said that she disappeared and I woke up. I'm in my'd that happen... I got up. I left to the living room.

"Oh hey Lusetta." said Ramon

"Hey Ramon." I said sitting down on the coach. I wonder what happen...

"Hey have you seen Ethan?"

"Yea He's in his room sleeping at the moment." He said looking at his phone.

"Oh....ok Thanks." I got up and went outside. I had forgotten I had a mission to get from Headquarters. 

"Oh well if I do go get it they won't give it to me until next week." I talked lowly. I walked out to the front of mansion. It was still snowing and the winter flowers were already in full bloom. I lifted my hand up and started taking my winter powers to create a snowman.

"Adorable...." I whispered.

"Yea it is adorable.." I turned around was Davion.

"Oh hey.."

"What you doing out here..?"

"Theres nothing to do so I came outside...Hey I have a question..."

"What is it?"

"Do you know why I was in my room asleep?"

~Davion's POV~

I can't let her know what happened because she'll become attached to him.

"No all I know was that I found you unconscious by the living room so I carried you to your room."

~Main POV~

He carried me... I blushed but I didn't let him see that I did so I turned my face around.


"Hey sis hey Davion."

"Hey Rosie." Me and Davion answered.

"Hey sis don't forget about the cookies you promised."

"Alright I didn't forget you know."

"Your making cookies?" asked Davion

"Yea why?"

"Can I have some?"

"No there mine.." I said laughing.

"Hey there mine too!"

"Yes yours too Rosie..haha."

"Ok I see how it is.." Davion picked me up.

"Aye put me down!!"

"No not until you give me some cookies."


"Then I won't put you down."

"OK OK FINE!!! Just put me down!"


"Oh C'mon!"

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