Moons of Shadows

This story is about Lusetta Skylar a Elite demon assassin who possesses wizard powers of all kind. The evil man named Deloria has awaken the most dangerous, destructive demon monster named Detora. This monster was hibernating for millions of years under the Temple of Aztec. Deloria plans to use this demon to do his dirty work to rule over the world. What will Lusetta Skylar do? Is she strong enough to beat this destructive demon and to stop Deloria from ruling the earth? Read the book to find out more
(Another story of Davion Daitron and Lusetta Skylar)


10. Rosetta's arrival.

Chapter 10: Rosetta's Arrival


My motorcycle popped up down on the ground.

"Need a lift?" I asked Ethan.

"No I got this." he replied.

"Ha ha ok." Ethan clicked his GPA. He's green lens came out. Mine is light blue.

"Hello rank four Ethan Sandoval how may I be of service?" said his GPA.

"Can you summon my electrica motorcycle?" He said.

"Yes summoning electrica motorcycle." His GPA said. His motorcycle popped up next to mine. his is black and green mine is light blue and black. We both jumped on the ground to get on our rides. We turned on the motorcycles and drove off to a small town not so far from where we were. It was a twenty minute drive. We stopped in front of a abandoned home. We hid our bikes inside the garage. We went outside to find the demons. Suddenly we saw a little boy crying in the corner of the house. I looked at Ethan and he looked at me. I walked up to the boy and picked him up.

"What's wrong? Are you lost?" I asked. The boy nodded his head.

"Ethan can you find the family of this boy?" I asked. He nodded and used super rate to speed up his running. He was gone before I knew it.

"Say...Miss Lady." said the little boy looking at me.

"Yes?" I saw his evil grin on his face as he transformed into a demon. I dropped him and jumped onto a building.

"I was never lost. I just wanted to get you alone Miss Rosetta Skylar." said the demon.

"How do you know that?" I asked. I felt my inner demon trying to break free.

"Every demon knows about you. How your actually a demon and keeping your inner self locked. Why won't you just let her out?" said the demon as he grinned. He snapped his fingers and it released my inner self. My hair turned silky light brown and my eyes maroon blood red. The blue striped lines turned red.

"'s been ten years since I haven't been out. Should I thank this foolish demon for taking me out?" I said smiling.

"Now this is going to be fun!" said the demon.

"Indeed it will be." I said removing my coat leaving my tank top on. I had the demon tattoo in my right hand. I only get it when I turn into my demon form. I took out my scythe that was supposed to be blue and black but since i'm in my demon form it turned black and red.

"Bring it baby!" I yelled out as I grinned. This demon moved fast. He cut my cheek.

"Have you ever heard to never ruin a models face!" I said kicking the demon to the wall. I moved super fast to where it was.

"Hey I didn't find the kids family. Luset-.." said this strange man. He looks like it can't be him.. The demon got up he caught me off track and kicked me through the brick building. It is Ethan..

"Lusetta!" said Ethan. He tried coming to me but the demon didn't let him.

"You don't interfere with us demons!" said the demon.

"What!?" he replied.

"Stupid demon...he is a demon he just hasn't awaken the demon inside him since he was born." I said as I got up and went outside the broken wall. I summoned my demon gun. I shot the demon and the other ones that were hiding. they all disappeared.

"Playtime is over.." I said putting away the gun.

"Hey Lusetta you ok? Your hair is light brown and your eyes maroon blood red." said Ethan.

"I'm not Lusetta. She's caged inside me asleep. I am Rosetta Skylar her inner demon self." I smiled.

"So this is your true form..." Ethan said amazed.

"Yes your correct pretty boy." I said winking at him. I saw a slight blush cross his face.

"Let's go back." He said. I got my coat.

"Ok ." I replied. We got our motorcycles and drove back home. After thirty five minutes of driving. We put away our motorcycles. We went to the gear room and changed out. Then Ethan took me to the mansion. We went to the living.

"Oh hey Ethan and Lu...setta?" said Mei.

"Ethan wheres Lusetta?" asked Susan. I saw him rub his neck. 

"Uh.....yea...she's right here." he replied

"Lusetta has black hair and blue eyes Ethan." said Mei

"She has light brown hair and maroon blood red eyes." said Susan. Somehow I know their names but I don't know who they are even if they are Lusetta's friends. 

"She is Lu-" said Ethan as I cut him off.

"I am Rosetta. I am Lusetta's dark demon true side. She's caged inside me asleep only one thing can awake her. I am not going to say because I wanted to come out after ten years from being locked inside her." I replied smiling.

"Wow...we never knew that...did you Ethan.." said Susan.

"No.."said Ethan. I looked outside because something caught my attention. I walked out on Susan, Mei and Ethan. I went outside looking at this baby snow leopard. It's Lulu... I went up to it. It was in the middle of the snowy field.


~James POV~

 I was hanging out with the guys outside doing a snowball war when suddenly I see Ethan running after some girl.

"Hey who's that hot chick Ethan is running after?" asked Nate. Everyone stopped and walked my direction. We all started to head towards them.

"Hey she looks familiar to me." I said.

"Who is she then?" asked Davion. I took a closer look at her. My eyes opened wide. I noticed it was Lusetta's dark side.

"Oh dam! It's Rosetta!" I yelled out.

"Rosetta?" said Matthew.

"It's Lusetta's dark demon true side..she must of locked Lusetta inside. Lusetta has locked Rosetta for ten years for a reason." I said.

"What's the reason?" asked Drake.

"Sorry can't tell you.." I replied.

"Dam I've known Lusetta was beautiful but dam she looks hot." said Ramon. I felt like punching his face. I looked at Davion he looked pissed like he's going to kill Ramon. We went up to Rosetta and Ethan.


~Ramon's POV~


I saw Lusetta pick up Ethan's baby leopard. The guys were walking slow so I speed up to talk to Lusetta.

"Hey Lusetta." I said. She turned to look at me.

"Ethan boo hold Lulu." said Rosetta

"Uh..ok" said Ethan holding Lulu. She grabbed my chin and put her face close to mine.

"Hey im not Lusetta. I am Rosetta. Clear?" She declared. I smiled at her. I grabbed her hand and kissed it.


~Davion's POV~


I saw Rosetta grab Ramon's chin and heard her tell him that she isn't Lusetta. I saw Ramon kiss her hand. I got pissed off even more.

"Oh yea...I forgot to mention Rosetta is a big flirt." said James

"No wonder she grabbed his chin and called Ethan boo." said Nate.

"This is irritating how can we get her back to her normal form?" I asked James.

"I don't know.." said James

"What do you mean you don't know....She's your sister!" I said controlling my frustration.

"At that time when Rosetta came out ten years ago it was Ethan who brought her back..but after Ethan got her back somehow they both lost their memories of what be honest I don't know how he did it." He said explaining. Suddenly I remember what he did to bring her back when I was with him at the time. Ethan was speaking the truth of who she really was..making Lusetta wake up and come back to her senses. I started thinking what I should do when I noticed Rosetta looking at me.


~Main POV~


I looked at the guy next to my brother. He's that demon boy I liked when I was small. I removed my hand from Ramon and walked up to Davion. 

"Hey Davion long time no see."

"I don't know you." Davion replied.

"That's harsh...but I know you." I answered back.

"How? May I ask?" He replied

"When I took over Lusetta at age seven I would watch you and Ethan from the outskirts. You both grown tall and handsome but three weeks later Ethan some how broke the sleeping curse and woke up Lusetta. Clearly at first when I came back I didn't recognized Ethan or you until I noticed something about you two. It was the same thing I recognized when I watched you both from the outskirts when we were little. Sadly Lusetta hasn't figured it out."

"What are you talking about?" both Ethan and Davion asked at the same time. I paused. It is so obvious they have a crush on Lusetta but honestly I don't think they want others to know. Even as little kids they showed it. Lusetta doesn't even have a single clue that they do.

"Nothing in particular." I said. My phone started ringing.

"Hey isn't that Lusetta's phone?" asked Matthew.

"No hers is in her room. I got my own." I looked at the caller ID. It was my best friend Deloria.

"Who is it?" asked Ramon. I can't tell them it's Deloria because they want to capture him. Honestly I can't believe Lusetta doesn't even remember him. Putting her best friend endanger.  I sure would like to see how this turns out. 

"It's my best friend.." I answered my phone.

"Hello?" I answered.

(NOTE: The others can't hear the conversation)

"I heard you came back.." said Deloria.

"Yes she won't be coming out for awhile." I smiled as I talked on the phone walking away.

"Good she's getting in my way. Even if she doesn't remember me or our promise I will complete the promise I made her. I'll talk to you later. Bye." Deloria hanged up. I put away my phone.

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