Moons of Shadows

This story is about Lusetta Skylar a Elite demon assassin who possesses wizard powers of all kind. The evil man named Deloria has awaken the most dangerous, destructive demon monster named Detora. This monster was hibernating for millions of years under the Temple of Aztec. Deloria plans to use this demon to do his dirty work to rule over the world. What will Lusetta Skylar do? Is she strong enough to beat this destructive demon and to stop Deloria from ruling the earth? Read the book to find out more
(Another story of Davion Daitron and Lusetta Skylar)


4. Break time and Pick up

Chapter 4: Break time and Pick up


"Mew?!" she answered back.

"Can you move?" asked Ethan. Davion and Yui came down to us.

"No....I'm numb right now." I replied trying to move.

"I'll carry you then." Ethan said picking me up princess style.


~Davion's POV~


I got envious and jealous because Ethan was carrying Lusetta.

"Wait! No! I c-can move now!" yelled out Lusetta struggling to move.

"Too late now" said Ethan.

"NO! YUI! Tell him something!"

"um....sorry Lusetta." said Yui laughing as we went back home.

"DAVION! Do something!" asked Lusetta looking at me. If I did something I would just carry her as well..

"If I do something i'll just carry you as well." I said smiling.

"Nevermind..." said Lusetta pouting. I saw that Ethan didn't like what I said. I didn't like what he was doing at all.


~Main POV~


Ethan didn't let me go until we got to headquarters. A fact headquarters is our house and base is where we collect our missions. He took me to the living room still carrying me princess style. I was so embarrassed because everyone saw Ethan carry me like that even my parents. I'm so busted when my parents call me up.. Ethan looked a bit mad so I was silent the whole way back home. He finally set me down. Is he mad at me? I wondered

"Ethan?......" I said

"Yes?.." he said turning to me.

"Are you mad at me because I was whining..?" His face turned into a surprise expression.

"No why? What made you think that?" he asked.

"Well you looked mad.....I was whining a lot...." I sat down on the couch I was tired. Ethan went in front of me. He put his face up close to mine...we made face to face contact.

"I can't be mad at you. I can't get mad at you remember that." he said sitting down beside me. I grabbed the remote to turn on the big flat screen T.V. I searched for a movie.

"Gimme it." said Ethan I gave him the remote. Scarlet and Nate suddenly came in.

"Hey what are you guys doing?" asked Scarlet

"Looking for a movie. Oops clicked wrong one.." replied Ethan.

"NOOO LEAVE IT!!!" I yelled out trying to reach over to the remote so he wouldn't change it but he was teasing me again so he put it away where I can't reach it.

"Wow...haha you like nemo?" asked Nate.

"Why did I click it.." Ethan was pouting.

"So what?" I pouted crossing my arms.

"Pfft! Little girl." whispered Ethan laughing.

"Ethan! I heard that!" I said hitting his head. Nate and Scarlet sat down next to us. I saw Davion walk passed the door.

"Hey you guys look like a couple." commented Scarlet. I blushed when she said that.

"True." said Nate

"W-were not a couple.." I replied.


~Nate's POV(Mental chat w/ Ethan)~


"Are you going to tell her?"

"No it's too soon.." replied Ethan as he used mental chat as well.

"Bro you waited 16 years to tell her." I whined.

"I know when Nate."

"ok then.."


~Main POV(1 hour later)~


We were watching the grudge now because we finished nemo. It was 6 o'clock night had fallen.

"Hey I'm going to get some popcorn" I said as I got up.

"Ok." replied Ethan and Scarlet. I had forgotten where Nate went it was dark. That movie got me scared. I got the popcorn and removed the bag. I threw the trash away and put it in the microwave. I suddenly felt like someone was behind me. A hand touched my shoulder.

"AHHH!!" I yelled out as I fell to the ground. It was Nate. He turned on the lights laughing.

"Hey what's wrong!?" asked Ethan and Scarlet coming to me. I was laying on the ground with my hands on my face.

"Uh....." Nate couldn't answer them. They thought I was crying.

"Don't cry Lusetta." said Scarlet. Everyone got silent. I laughed a small whisper laugh.

"YOU JERK!" I yelled out tripping Nate. He fell to the ground.

"Hahaha calm down guys." Ethan said laughing. We all sat on the couch watching the movie.

~Next Tuesday Morning still dark out~

 I woke up because my iphone was ringing. I picked it up and answered.

"Hello?.." I said

"Hey sis can you pick me up at the airport?" my little sister asked. She's 15 and she's pretty smart.

"Ok im on my way.." I said hanging up. I looked at the time it was 5:30 A.M. I forgot she was coming to live with me after she finished a mission in Rigmus,Elatics. She stayed there for twelve years. She was still small. She was four but my aunt lived their so she took care of her as she did her first mission. I got up and changed into my black short shorts (booty shorts that's what Americans all call it. ) and my long black nike socks that had the logo on it (And of course I took a shower). Then I put on my baby blue top long sleeve kind of shirt. I took my motorcycle keys and went to the headquarters garage. I put on my helmet and took an extra one for my sis. I got on my motorcycle. I closed the garage door. Then I drove off to the airport it took me a 30 minutes to drive. I saw my sis sitting down. I parked in front of her. I gave her the extra helmet.

"Hey lil sis" I said

"Hey big sis." She replied

"Get on." I told her. She put on her helmet. Then she hung onto me. We drove back to base. Next to base there was a huge mansion that we call headquarters. It's for the Elite FBI assassins and their families. We got home. I parked the motorcycle inside the garage and I closed the garage door.

"Hey sissy.." asked Rosie

"Yes?" I replied

"Where will I stay at?" she asked as we entered the mansion.

"I saved a room that's next to mine so you can live in there from now on. K?"

"OK! Thanks sissy." said Rosie as she hugged me. I showed my sister to her room. She got comfortable and fell asleep. As for me I couldn't go back to sleep so I went to the second living room. It was 6:25 A.M. I was on my phone watching a video which got me sleepy because it was boring. I fell asleep as I watched it.

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