Moons of Shadows

This story is about Lusetta Skylar a Elite demon assassin who possesses wizard powers of all kind. The evil man named Deloria has awaken the most dangerous, destructive demon monster named Detora. This monster was hibernating for millions of years under the Temple of Aztec. Deloria plans to use this demon to do his dirty work to rule over the world. What will Lusetta Skylar do? Is she strong enough to beat this destructive demon and to stop Deloria from ruling the earth? Read the book to find out more
(Another story of Davion Daitron and Lusetta Skylar)


3. Army's Attack and The Snow Leopard

Chapter 3: Army's Attack and The Snow Leopard



I took of my shirt leaving my sports bra on only. I grabbed my other shirt that protects me from any harm. I noticed Davion was finished changing. He came up to me and used his black angel wings to cover me from any other guys seeing me shirtless.Talk about this makes me pissed off. First he starts an argument with me and now he wants to cover me from other boys wow...I swear...

"Lusetta...don't let other guys see you like that. Geez.." whined Davion.

"I'm already done." I replied

Everyone was done changing into there equipment. We all got our weapons.

"When we get there, the army will be coming from the East, West, North, South. We will split up and go to each side to fight off the army." I said as we walked out of base. We went down to Zeros it took us less than 10 minutes to fly over there with our angels wings. We all have black angel wings we receive from our mentor to enter the elite FBI assassin group. I was using my GPA to track down Deloria's army. I saw the army come from the south. Man I don't got time to make groups. Guess im going to choose randomly.

"Scarlet, Matthew, Mei, Susan their coming from the South i'll let you guys handle them. Go." I said giving them the order. As soon as they received the command they left. The rest of us went on a scavenger hunt looking for the remaining army's.

"Hey sis... I barely realized something." said My brother

"Realized what?" I asked

"You have a tribal marking on your left eye."

"How'd you get it?" asked Nate

"I received it from a mission I did not so long ago it's called "The Moons Spirit". It's connected to my powers causing them to grow bigger and powerful. This also effects my health causing my life span to increase as I grow older. It's dangerous to people with fire powers like Davion."

"Hey! I see the army coming from the east." said Sebastian

"Sebastian, James, Jasmine, Nate go to the East to fight off the army team one should join you later." They left as soon as I said that eventually team one joined them in their battle. From a distance I saw the other group of army coming from the west. Black magicians!?!

"Melissa, Drake, Kathy, Ramon you guys take care of the ones on the West. Me, Ethan, Yui, and Davion will take care of the North for a reason." 

"Ok" they all said. They had left to the West already. We were right above the army of the North. 

"So Lusetta what was your reason for us attacking the north?" asked Davion?

"Since we are the strongest group out of the rest....I noticed that there are black magicians in the North. I did not see them in neither the South, East, West. Furthermore these are black magicians we are talking about." I pointed at the magicians in the army.

"Yea I didn't see them on the East, West , and South." Said Ethan agreeing with me.

"So how are we going to do this since the black magicians are there?" asked Davion. I stood in silence thinking of what we should do. "Maybe we should sneak attack the magicians first then the army. The problem is if we attack the magicians the army will know where we are and will attack us." I was thinking I put my hand on my chin sighing.

"What's wrong Lusetta?" asked Yui. I was still thinking. "We are going to take some risks on this. Me and Ethan will attack the magicians then Yui and Davion can attack the army."

"Hmm..Maybe Ethan can do the job.." I said not realizing that I was saying that out loud.

"What job?" asked Davion. I turned to look at him.

"Me and Ethan will attack the black magicians from behind. This will be leaving you Davion and Yui to attack the army."


~Mental Chat with Ethan~


"Remember that sparkle of light that brings your little baby snow leopard out?" I asked

"Yea why?" asked Ethan

"Could we use her to distract the magicians so we can sneak attack them?"

"Yes we can." smiled Ethan. We stood in silence. Davion and Yui looked at us confused because Ethan was talking but they didn't know he was talking to me. Well....Davion knew. We both smiled and burst out laughing. Davion knew I was mental chatting. He stared at me like he wanted to know what's happening between me and Ethan. We split up going to our stations. Ethan got Lulu out he knew they were going to hurt her so he put on a small bracelet on her little paw. She is sooo adorable I could just hug her so tight!

"There you go Lulu. Distract them ok?" Ethan said talking to Lulu. Lulu went flying out to where the army was.


~At Army's Spot~


"Hey! What is that thing flying here." asked the commander of the army. The army stopped walking and looked at Lulu. One of the magicians found out that Lulu is a winter demon. Winter demons are so powerful..they love the snow and the cold. They live in the spirit world where its cold for them. We can summon them anytime. There are different types of pet demons. There's fire, grass, nature, wind, moon, etc..

"Kill it! It's a winter demon!!!" said the magician as he was going to do his spell.

"NOW ETHAN!" I yelled out. The Misty shadows is one of my spells. It helps so that my opponent can't use magic at all. Only people with The Moons spirit can use that. It's very few who have The Moons Spirit. They have to be really strong and don't hesitate to kill nor to attack. They have to be rank 1 from the FBI agents.

"Misty Shadows.." I whispered lowly. My eyes started to glow white as I was releasing the spell. My hair was flowing in the wind of the spell. I released the spell and it blocked all the magicians powers.

"TSK! SHE'S ONE OF THE MOONS SPIRITS USERS" yelled out the second black magicians.

"SHE BLOCKED OUT THE  MAGIC!" said the third magician.

"Light Trans.." said Ethan as he released his spell making the magicians faint and disappear back to their base. We both looked at Davion and Yui as they were defeating the army that had about 110 soldiers each side.(West, East, South, North). I looked at Ethan and smiled. He smiled back.

"Lulu guess who it is. Ethan smiled and pointed at me.

"Mew?" was Lulu's answer. After five minutes she recognized me. She dashed her way to me as I fell instantly to the ground from up high in mid air. It was a really loud and painful impact.

"OH DAM!!" yelled out Ethan bursting out in laughter. I knew it their really powerful...

"What was that loud sound!?!" asked Yui and Davion dashing their way to Ethan.

"Just Lulu giving Lusetta a warm and hard hug." Ethan said still laughing. They looked down the hill where I was at. The impact was huge it made a whole in the ground. Like when a big meteor hits the earth making a huge impact hole on the ground.

"M-m-my ...back....." I said stuttering having Lulu in my arms.

"Dam you ok?" said Ethan coming up to me. I was silent for awhile.

"Lusetta? are you ok?..." he asked again

"GOD DAMMIT THAT HURT!!" I yelled out that I was crying and laughing at the same time.

"Haha Lulu be careful next time. Remember your strong and you can hurt people."


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