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7. Amnesia Chapter 7

Calum's POV:

 I couldn't believe that Maddy did that. I didn't want to believe either. Because it's hard loving someone that probably will never love you back or that just likes you as a friend or as a brother. But it's hard, because you end up falling for your best friend, even though they could have a boyfriend or just went through a break up. But you always end up falling for them.

Maddy's POV:

I know Calum doesn't want me to give Ashton another chance, But I was going to anyway. Calum can get over it. Because I want to see how things go this time. I hope they are going to be very different. I just hope Calum won't hate me after this, Because he is my other best friend that I don't want to lose. But I knew by giving Ashton another chance it might make Calum mad, But what else am I supposed to do.

Kaitlyn's POV:

I never understood why Michael doesn't want me to give Luke another chance, But he is just going to have to get over it. Because unlike Michael I want to see if Luke will cheat on me again, because then I'd give Michael a chance. But then I'm going to see how long it's lasts with Luke, I don't know if I should give Luke another chance. But by the time I was going to give Luke an answer Michael came over looking pissed.

Sorry it's short, but here's this part.

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