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3. Amnesia Chapter 3

Luke's POV:

I noticed that Michael and Calum wasn't at the table anymore, I looked for them only to find them hugging girls that looked really familiar. The one with red/orange hair looked alot like Kaitlyn, I hopped it was her, But it probably wasn't. The past three months I couldn't stop thinking about her, I missed her so much, I missed holding her in my arms, I missed her kisses, I missed everything we had together, and I blew it. I looked down at my wrist tracing the scars. 

I looked at Michael again, then got up walking over to them. Over the past three months Kaitlyn has gotten hotter, I just kept looking down. I know I should've stayed there at the table but I needed to see her, I looked at her again. "Hi" I mumbled looking back down. "Uhhh Hi" She said clearing not wanting to talk to me. "I know what I did was wrong but can we please talk?" I pleaded. "Give me a reason why I should talk to you?." She said to me crossing her arms. "Because it's important, Just 5 minutes pwease?." I pleaded again. She sighed and followed me. I explained everything to her.

Kaitlyn's POV:

I ran into the one person I didn't want to see, Luke... Out of all people I had to run into him. "Hi" Luke mumbled looking down. "Uhhh Hi" I said clearly not wanting to talk to him. I followed him so he could explain everything but I still couldn't believe him. "I still can't trust you Lucas." I said crossing my arms. I Still loved him but I couldn't let him or anybody else know about that. 

Ashton's POV:

I got up walking over to Maddy, "Can we please talk about what happened?" I pleaded looking at her with sad teary eyed. "I don't know Ashton." She said also crossing her arms. "Please it'll only be 5 minutes." I pleaded hoping she would let me explain what exactly happened three months ago. She finally gave in and let me explain everything that happened. 

Calum's POV:

I didn't like the fact Ashton came up to Maddy pleading her to talk him and I still wanted to kick his ass and I was getting pissed because I realized that I might be in love with her and Ashton isn't going to get her back, I love her more than he ever loved her. I always have loved her and I wasn't going to let anything like him hurting her again.

Michael's POV:

It pissed me off when Luke came up to Me and Kaitlyn like that and I can't believe he begged her to let him explain about what happened three months ago and Those three months I realized I was in love with my best friend and I was going to tell her before Luke came and took her away so he could try to get her back, Which isn't going to happen.   

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