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1. Amnesia Chapter 1

Kaitlyn's POV:

It's been three months since I last seen or spoke to Luke, I couldn't look at him after what he did. I caught him with another girl in the bed we had once shared. I couldn't look him in face to tell him that I was leaving.

I should have believed Michael when he told me that Luke was cheating on me, But I didn't believe he was, but I was wrong. Now I was on my way to Starbucks because my best friend Maddy knew what I was going through.

Maddy's POV:

I was waiting for Kait at Starbucks, I played games on my phone untiil she walked in. I smiled when she sat in front of me. "Hey Beautiful." I said smiling at her. "Hey" She says looking down at her wrist. "You haven't been cutting again have you?" I asked her trying to hold back the tears.She looked at me then back down at her wrist. "You know I haven't cut since three months ago." She mumbled. I nodded in response, I just couldn't believe she was heart broken over what Luke did to her. 

Ashton's POV: 

It's been months since I've spoken and seen Maddy, not that she would want to because of what I did to her, I wouldn't blame her. If I was her I wouldn't want to speak or see me either. She hates me I know she does, The only one she talks to is Kaitlyn and Calum. We were on the way to Starbucks before we headed to the interview we had. I hope I don't see her, It'll be too be soon, I'm still trying to get over her. I wish I could take everything back like it never happened. 

Calum's POV:

I couldn't believe Ashton cheated on Maddy when I told him that I'd beat his ass if he did and that's what I did. I mean after all I am the one came to when she caught him in bed with another girl. I was still kind of mad at him but I shouldn't be because it's been three months since they seen or spoken to each other. Me and Maddy kept talking after those three months and she didn't know that I was back from tour, But I planned on surprising her.

Michael's POV:

We got to Starbucks, I still wanted to beat Luke's ass but I didn't because It wouldn't be okay with me later, I told him to not hurt her and he does it anyway, I hope he learned his lesson, The boys and I got out of the car and headed inside Starbucks, Kait didn't know I was home from the tour and I planned on surprising her but I don't know how that would work considering the fact I'm always with Luke and the boys.

Luke's POV:

Three months ago I made the hugest mistake and lost the one thing I loved more than my band, Now I won't be able to get her back. I hated myself for what I did to her, I know she hates me, I would to if I was her, I would also wouldn't want to see or speak to me either if I was her. I kept my head down walking into Starbucks with boys. 


What will happen? Will Kaitlyn and Maddy get noticed by Luke and Ashton? Will they talk to each other? Read to find out. 

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