1. Prolouge

"Thanks for letting me stay here." I say as I put my bags in my new room.

"Yeah no problem. You helped me a lot when we were...ya know...there." Ashton replied.

I sat down on my "bed". I couldn't remember the last time I wasn't on my own. Ashton leant against the door frame and folded his arms.

"Is there a real reason why you're here?" Ashton questioned.

"I told you I got kicked out of my old place." I lied.

"C'mon Luke you and I have been friends for a long time. I know when you're lying." He said as he took his tongue ring in between his teeth.

I let out a sigh. I was going to have to tell him the truth sooner or later.

"What do you know about a fallen getting their wings back?" I asked.

Ashton made a weird noise with his mouth. He cautiously closed the door behind him like there was someone else here.

"You're not the first of then to ask me this question." He told me.

Of course I wasn't. Before Ashton became a Fallen he used to work at the ancient library where all of the angelic secrets are kept.

"How many have you told?" I asked.

"All of whom have asked."

"Has any succeeded yet?"

I waited for the answer that I'm scared of the most.

"No." He said it the word I didn't want to hear.

"Tell me." I urged.

He took in a deep breath before he spoke.

"For a Fallen to receive it's wings back he must do a favor to God."

He looked down at his hands. Then back at me.

"You must kill Satan's Spawn."

"How can I do that? For all we know he could be two billion hears old!" I complained.

"Luke, this prophecy was made seventeen years ago. His kid is only seventeen."

Seventeen, okay that means I just have to kill every seventeen year old on this planet, piece of cake. Not!

"Do you have any idea who his kid is?" I asked.

He looked out the window then back at me.

"I have a guess."

"Did you tell anyone else that?"


I looked down at my hands and smiled. I balled them into fists.

"Just tell me whom and I'll kill them." I growled.

Ashton sent me an alarmed look.

"Luke I said it was a guess. I'm not one hundred percent sure."

I let a growl escape my throat. I clenched my fists harder. He was protecting the Spawn. I know it, but I can't accuse him of it if I need his help. I unclenched my fists. I needed him to trust me more.

"So what do you do here?" I asked him.

I saw him relax. he ran a hand through his hair.

"Well I have a part time job at the public library here." I rolled my eyes playfully at that. "And I go to the local high school."

"Voluntarily?" I laughed.

"Yes, voluntarily."

I set a smile on my face.

"Well sign me up I'm going to join you."


"I'm going to high school with ya buddy."

He was left stunned. I had to get him to trust me one way or another. I guess school was the way. And maybe I can uncover his secret, find the Spawn and get my wings back.

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