Tip of the Sword

Kaycee Williams, is one of Aviruse's deadly warriors. But behind her thirst of blood and gore is a secret which unlocks to her past. During an attack Kaycee Williams is forced through a simulation of her past which nearly destroys her. Coincidentally, the king of her enemy country summons her and asks her the might question, will she fight for her enemies or struggle through her allies.


1. Prologue

She knew that from the beginning that she would end up like this. Tied up to a bed, the bed of her enemy. Blood dripping from her lips and dying the bed sheets red. Whoever did this to her? Of course the one she hated. She hated him so much for making her do this. It was a trap, and she knew it, but she had to witness it to finally understand. His love for her was all fake, and it was all a joke.

But she was Kaycee Williams and of course she is a fighter. She would find a way to get out of her but she could not figure out a way. It all puzzled together perfectly, and the pieces had no wiggle room. She could either let herself rot or she could get out there and fight. But she could not decided what she wanted. Did she want to live after seeing how big of a fool she was, or does she want to blow up in his face that she survived his trap.

The bed was uncomfortable, but where do you find comfort anymore in this messed up world she calls home. Aviruse is probably the worst continent to live in but she had to be born here and she has not been able to muster up the nerves to leave Aviruse. She knew that one day she would have to leave and eventually when she did leave, she would have to stay. But she can't leave yet. There is still much to do, and one of the tasks is to break out of this house and find him so she could kill him.

Him was Azata Dintell and he was the most trusted person in Kaycee's books, until now. Azata lost all of the trust he has obtained. In the beginning, 10 years ago, Azata was just a poor old boy Kaycee found on the street. At the time Kaycee was training and out of her mind. But taking Azata off the deadly streets and into the facility she was being trained in was probably the only time during training that she was not out of her mind.

His blonde hair that swooped down one eye and the other deep blue eye mesmerized her. Not only was it love at first sight, Kaycee felt guilty about it. Of course, he was a handsome lad with haunting memories that could scare even the king of evil. Azata was extremely skinny and Kaycee swore that in a couple of weeks he would have died. There was just something about Azata that gave Kaycee a feel of trust. Was it the friendly smile and greeting he gave her when they first met? Was it how determined he was to get off the streets and be in the caring hands of Kaycee? She may never know what the true reason was.

Trying to hide Azata was just as hard as training. But then finally Kaycee hit a point where she just did not care. She told the master about Azata. She was expecting to be standing in the front row of the arena and watching Azata get whipped to the bone and beyond. But the master decided to use Azata as another recruit. In a way, Azata got a little easier time during training because Kaycee was already halfway finished and at the time that Azata became a part of the facility, Kaycee had just finished her halfway exam, and she passed. 

She would regretfully stay up countless night to sneak into the training department and battle with Azata. She always won, but every time they battled, Azata got stronger. It became harder and harder for Kaycee to fight Azata because he began to get stronger and wiser. Kaycee knew she did a good job with Azata because he slid through his exams. When it was time for Kaycee to the leave because her training was over, she volunteered in the kitchen just so she could sneak into the training department and fight with Azata.

When Azata finished his training, him and Kaycee moved to Lumaine, a very populated country in Aviruse. They decided to restart their lives and become warriors/assassins. Kaycee decided to stride for an assassin, while Azata wanted to be a warrior. With their training in their hands they decided to hunt some crimes. Their first mission was to assassinate someone named Ulebra Jones. They did not kill him but they threw him in jail. Now Kaycee is in the house of Ulebra Jones, tied up to a bed with no escape.

At least that is what she thought. But the more she thought about it, she realized that there could be a way to escape. Even though her hands were tied she could probably escape. Her feet were free and she could kick around, but then she had a plan. She lifted both feet up and moved them to her hands. She used her sharp nails and tried to cut the rope. Cutting, cutting, cutting, and then snap. One hand was free. She then used that hand to reach in her pocket and pull out a little dagger. She had lost her sword in the time she reached the house and woke up tied up to the bed with blood everywhere.

She cut her other hand free. She could now move and she contemplated her surroundings. The walls were a royal red color and the room was merely lit with a candle on top of a table. The table was beside the bed and beside the table on the other side was the door. That was it, it was not very exciting. It had to be the guest room or even Ulebra's room. No, it could not have been. Ulebra is as spoiled as all the kings put together. This being Ulebra's room is like saying the kings are not rich. It is so not true.

She slowly walked over to the door with a dizzy head. She turned the knob and slowly opened it. After the loud creaking noise, she found herself in a long corridor that was leading to another door. Like the bedroom, it was merely lit by a candle on a table in the middle of the corridor. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before performing what she was about to perform. She grabbed the candle and used it like a torch. She slowly walked to the door at the end of the corridor and she opened it.

It lead to what looked like a lobby. It had stairs on either side of the door and tables around the room. There were 2 giant windows on each side of the entrance door. She did not care about killing Ulebra, she wanted to have a final word with Azata. After all, he set her up for this. She did not know why she was so mad about getting attacked by one of her major enemies, but she felt the anger like she felt air. It was everywhere and unstoppable.

She walked for a long hour, passing vendors, trees, facilities, and fields of just grass. She finally reached her house where Azata lived in also. Azata was definitely in his bedroom, she could tell. She could feel the warmth of his body screaming through the house. He knew she was here and he knew that he was in danger. Kaycee walked upstairs and straight into his room. The window was shattered and the bed sheets were messy. He escaped.

Kaycee swore and jumped out the window, not even paying attention that she was 3 stories high. She landed with a thud and her legs and feet screamed in pain. She shook it off and looked for some clues. She ran straight forward, knowing exactly where Azata would go. She ran as fast as she could, and even when her lungs throbbed with the need of a break, she still kept running. She finally caught up with Azata after a sharp turn down a populated street. 

His blonde hair was flying behind him. He looked back and his eyes went wide. He turned back and sped up. Kaycee continued with her pace, and even though Azata sped up, she still kept getting closer to him. They were now running in a field of just grass. Grass surrounded the place. She kept running even though her lungs were now trying to force her to stop. She could barley breathe, but she still kept running. She even sped up her pace a bit.

She got so close to Azata that she could literally touch him with the shortest strand of her hair. Azata sped up his pace and left dust behind him. Kaycee regretfully stopped and took a break. Her lungs felt like they were stabbed with a sharp spear. She took a deep breath and locked on to her target. She let the anger flow through her body and she mustered up all the energy and strength she had. She went into a lunge, her eyes still on Azata with a death stare. She took another deep breath and bolted off.

It only took a minute for her to catch up with Azata. She looked down for a mere second and spotted a sword. Without even thinking, she dive rolled to grab the sword, ran a couple steps, and them jumped right on top of Azata. She dug the sword right into his spine. He screamed in pain louder then her lungs. Her lungs were screaming with the need for air. Azata tried to move around but he was pinned.

He was more than pinned, he was dead.

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