Tip of the Sword

Kaycee Williams, is one of Aviruse's deadly warriors. But behind her thirst of blood and gore is a secret which unlocks to her past. During an attack Kaycee Williams is forced through a simulation of her past which nearly destroys her. Coincidentally, the king of her enemy country summons her and asks her the might question, will she fight for her enemies or struggle through her allies.


4. Chapter 3

Kaycee stared right into his eyes. She made sure to let some fierceness and intensity mix in with her stare, because she knew he liked it. She took a second to realize that she just said yes, but the more she thought saying no was a good choice, thousand more thoughts overruled the thought. Thoughts of holding the king's head right beside Ulebra, slicing it off in one slash of a sword. She knew this was a bad idea, and she knew that she should never be teaming up with Ulebra. Why should she even bother with this guy? 

Ulebra got closer to Kaycee. Kaycee got up and backed up right into a wall. The back of her head hissed but she stayed still on the wall. She could feel the scent of untrustworthy and evil getting closer and Ulebra stepped closer and closer. She still stayed pinned to the wall. She was not going to run for 2 reasons. She was way too tired, and she wanted to know exactly what Ulebra wanted besides an Alliance.

She knew there was more to this than a secret Alliance. Ulebra would not want just an alliance, and especially from her. He would want something from her. But what does she have that he wants? She is poor to the bone and has barely enough food to survive. She has started going back to becoming Aviruse's deadliest assassin, because she needs the food and the shelter to survive.

But Ulebra has a big house with all the food in the god damn world. He has so much and yet she has so little. And still he wants something from her. She thought for a moment and realized that this alliance could lead her to food and shelter without having to become Aviruse's deadliest assassin by doing it. This is an opportunity that she has to take, no matter if she has to kill herself just to get what she needed. In a way she would be using Ulebra, but that is exactly what Ulebra is wanting to do with Kaycee. Use her.

Ulebra got so close they were literally nose to nose. Ulebra lifted his fist and then the strangest thing happened to Kaycee. Ulebra did not punch her in the head, he instead punched the wall and...and...

Kissed her.

Right on the lips.

It was a soft and soothing kiss. It was so unwanted but yet, Kaycee did not kick him in the shin. The smell of evil was attacking her nostrils and pouring into her mouth, but she did not care. She was kissing Ulebra Jones and she just could not pull away. Because...it reminded her of Azata.

She had never kissed Azata, and to be honest, she was not planning on it at all. But it was not like she had not kissed anyone before in her life. She sometimes liked to kiss her enemies right before she cut their heads off. It made her feel like such a boss at being an assassin. She liked the feel of Ulebra's lips however, it was different from the other's. They were smooth and soft and filled with evil, but she liked it.

And then Ulebra pulled away. Expecting to get her head cut off, Kaycee ducked, but nothing happened. She slowly got up. Ulebra was staring at the wall in shock. She obviously was a good kisser, well she assumed. Ulebra snapped out of his day dream and smiled, a real smile. Not some evil blood thirst smile, a smile that said Your lips are tastier than I thought.

I smiled, a real smile. Ulebra backed up and turned around. He started to walk away, but Kaycee ran after him. She caught up to him but Ulebra said nothing. All he did was walk away from that spot with a smile on his face. The more he kept walking, the more Kaycee realized that he was not going to his house, he was going somewhere else. Somewhere that was far away from the village. Somewhere Kaycee has never been before.

And then Ulebra stopped, right in front of a huge castle.

"This is the castle. The castle the King of Lumaine lives in," he explained.

It was beautiful, it was ginormous, it was amazing. It stood up proud and tall. It probably had at least 10 floors. Kaycee had never been to the castle, but she knew about the King of Lumaine. But to be honest, she was in no rush to find the castle, she did not want to go near the castle because at the time, she was Aviruse's deadliest assassin, and she was just looking for a death sentence coming here at that time.

But then something weird happened. Ulebra lifted his right hand and slowly snapped really loudly. And then BAM! A sudden pain attacked her body. It was right at the heart. It was a horribly deadly pain. It stabbed and screamed. Kaycee let out the biggest blood scream she could manage. The pain was so bad she collapsed to her knees. She screamed even louder and her vision was going blurry.

The pain struck her all at once. It stabbed and jabbed and the pain was a pain she had never felt before. She looked over at Ulebra who was...who was not there. He was gone. She screamed so loud she swore the other countries could hear her. Her vision was now going black. The corners of her sight were black and everything else was blurry. The sound of the night were slowly starting to disappear and she felt a little drowsy.

She heard people from the castle come to help her. Someone helped her lie down while others helped to find the problem. She screamed one last time before...before...everything just went black. Everything was muted. Her eyes were shut and she was unconscious.


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