Tip of the Sword

Kaycee Williams, is one of Aviruse's deadly warriors. But behind her thirst of blood and gore is a secret which unlocks to her past. During an attack Kaycee Williams is forced through a simulation of her past which nearly destroys her. Coincidentally, the king of her enemy country summons her and asks her the might question, will she fight for her enemies or struggle through her allies.


3. Chapter 2

Kaycee did not reach for her sword, she did not even flinch, nor did she blink. She just stared in the eyes of Ulebra Jones. She was not ready for battle emotionally nor physically. She felt dead on the inside and broken on the outside. She could feel the emotion crawl up her breaking spine. She did not want Azata to die, but she definitely did not want to run into Ulebra Jones.

"What a surprise!" he greeted.

She went through her vocabulary before saying anything. Word by word, letter by letter, line by line.

"What are you doing here at this time of night?" I asked.

He grinned. He had an evil eye that was so not trustworthy, but Kaycee did not run away.

"I was about to ask the same question," he stated.

She could feel the evil coming off of him, like the smell of sweat and dirt that came off of Azata the day that she met him. She still does not know why she relates everything to him still.

"Tell me now!" she snarled.

She was angry. All of her depressed and sad feelings for Azata had now poured into her blood stream and mixed with pounds of anger. She did not want to see this guy, in fact it was the last guy she wanted to see. She escaped from him she thought forever a couple weeks ago, and here she is talking to him. Even though she knew he was just trying to mess with her, it felt as if he really need to talk to her. Like he had a mission for her. Like he needs her assistance on something. That is something she honestly does not know if it is something she would do or not.

"You have always interested me. The way you can handle a sword. The way you put so much effort into your work. I knew from when you captured me, that you guys would be pretty damn wanted. There was a bond that you two possessed that was unstoppable. And I found a way to break it..."

Kaycee stuck a punch at his face out of anger. Ulebra blocked it with his hand. Damn was his hand strong. Kaycee held onto her fist, hissing at her enemy.

"You have always astonished me Kaycee Williams. And the first time I looked at you, I saw the fierceness, the intensity, and the skills behind that beautiful face. Azata was very lucky to be able to work with you, and to even have the right to get close to you without being punched in the face..."

Kaycee kicked Ulebra in the knee. He snarled and backed up. Kaycee went for another punch. Ulebra grabbed her fist and turned her around. He dug his elbow into her back which sent a loud scream of pain exploding out of her. Ulebra let go. Kaycee immediately round house kicked Ulebra right in the face. But before it hit him in the face, he grabbed her leg and threw her over his head.

She went flying to the ground, hands first. A strong pain streamed through her arms. She cursed and got up. She ran up and front flipped over Ulebra's head, kicking him in the neck in the air. He hissed and fell to the ground. She landed and got her sword out. She ran and went to stab Ulebra right in the back.

Ulebra rolled away and she stabbed pure concrete. She cursed and screamed. Ulebra immediately kicked Kaycee right in the head, which sent her to the ground. Her nose and ear were both bleeding and her body was weak. She could not take much more, but she could still try. She could still keep trying to get this guy to death, or she could partner up with this guy, because it is obviously what he wants.

He wants an alliance because he knows now that Azata is dead, she is going to get stronger. He knows that she has plans to leave Lumaine. She has never been outside of Lumaine, and it seems now is the perfect chance. The more that she thought about it, the more it seemed right to her. She did not know why, but she could use some evil in the other countries. Since she has never been there, she does not know what to expect, and she needs someone who she knows can win a war by himself.

"I accept your offer," I mumble.

He smiled and nodded with an evil eye.

"I knew you would understand!"


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