Tip of the Sword

Kaycee Williams, is one of Aviruse's deadly warriors. But behind her thirst of blood and gore is a secret which unlocks to her past. During an attack Kaycee Williams is forced through a simulation of her past which nearly destroys her. Coincidentally, the king of her enemy country summons her and asks her the might question, will she fight for her enemies or struggle through her allies.


2. Chapter 1

She woke up. She was covered in sweat but shivering to the bone. The wind was howling and the storm was roaring. She had to remember where she was to calm herself down. She was in her house, the house Azata lived in. She may never forget the moment she dug that sword into Azata's spine, because it was so unintentional, but she still felt like it had to be done. Like it would unlock something powerful in the future. But all it has left her, is an empty heart full of guilt and depression. She regretfully misses Azata.

She was a fool to even think for one moment that she needed to kill Azata. She let her anger get the best of her, and she promised to herself that she would never do that again. Azata was the only person that she trusted and yet she killed him in the blink of an eye. Every night she would pray to the gods that one day they would bring Azata back, but of course, that might never happen.

She got up and lit a candle. She took it with her as she adventured through her house. She got on a leather jacket that costed her more than her house. It was comforting and it was also very stylish. She knew if the king saw it he would be jealous. She put on her boots and looked out a window. The wind was howling and the rain was coming down really hard, but hadn't she been through worst? Indeed she had.

She slowly opened the door and entered the storm. It was worse than she thought. But she had to do this. She just had to do this. The sky was deadly black and there was no life anywhere in sight. The vendors escaped the storm, and the usual animals who ventured through the streets in the night were gone. She hated living in the city, she wish she could live in the field where she killed Azata. She called the field Azata's Rise because she hoped one day that Azata would come back to life.

She slowly walked down the empty streets. The rain was pounding all over her. She found a little place that she could hide from the rain, but she decided to keep walking. She would keep walking until she reached the grave. She owed it to poor Azata. 

Her fiery long red hair was completely drench. Rain dripped down her pale face and past her blue eyes. It splashed her muscular but skinny body figure. She was proud about her appearance. She loved her fiery red hair because it made her feel unstoppable. She loved her deep blue eyes because they stood out a lot and it was one of her best features. She loved how muscular she was, but that was the job of the master.

She shook her head, causing her red hair to fly up and shake off some of the water. She kept wishing she had a hood, but even then she could not show off her red hair. She continued walking through the streets until she finally reached the beginning of Azata's Rise. It was smaller than she remembered, yet so much had happened. The grass was still as green as it was, in fact it looked greener than before.

She took a deep breath and entered Azata's Rise. It was a long and painful walk, because she knew that this was all her fault and that she now is admitting it. She would never have thought of doing this but she had to. She finally reached Azata's body, with flowers on top of him. They were just some regular daisy she bought from a vendor who kind of looked like Azata. She laid them on his body to show that she still cared.

There was a shovel beside Azata, and when it was time, she would use it, and it was time. With all the regret in the world, she started digging a big hole. The shovel was very uncomfortable and left blisters and cuts on her hands. Tears streamed down her face, but thank the gods that the rain hid them. She did not want to admit that she missed Azata, but she missed him like she misses her parents. 

Azata was like her second brother. Her parents were killed when she was 6 years old. Both of them were stabbed in the chest by a masked person. She heard the masked person walk through the corridors of her giant house. She slowly crept out her my room and witnessed the death of her parents. The sight scared her for life. But then it became an inspiration. When she was 8 years old, her brother was killed by something unknown. She woke up one day to find his dead body on top of her. It was a stab to the heart, just like her parents. Ever since that happened, she decided that she wanted to be an assassin.

"8 years later, Azata and I were one of the deadliest assassins in Aviruse. It all started when we finished training at age 12. We slowly began our assassin/warrior career. started off by assassinating some of our enemies, and once we were done with that, we decided to work for the king of Lumaine when we were 14. He gave us targets to kill and mysteries that he wanted us to solve. 

It seemed like everything was going fine until at age 16, the king decided to let us go. He left us on the streets and for the longest month, we were begging for food and just barley staying alive. But finally it happened. We decided that we were going to use our skills to get us off the streets. We had all this training and skills that we could steal ourselves a life.

So that is how we earned out title. We stole food from vendors and citizens, we found a house, killed the owners, and used it as a temporary house, and then when we had enough coins, we got ourselves our own house. We stole coins from vendors, citizens, and even from the king of Lumaine. We were wanted all over and citizens were upgrading their security. Citizens hired their friends to guard their money and their food. Vendors never sold anything without a second person their to witness. We technically changed the way Lumaine and Aviruse worked.

At one point we were so wanted, the king of Lumaine started to hold a competition. Whoever could kill us and and bring the heads of Azata and I, would get a giant reward of 50,000 coins. The reward became the reason why citizen were after us. 50,000 coins is enough to support all of Lumaine, and to give it to one person just to kill us, it really added pressure. We wanted to leave Lumaine, but we knew everywhere we went, we would be wanted.

The competition was being held in 6 out of the 12 countries in Aviruse. All the other 6 countries knew about us, but they were countries that we could not get to because of the cost and because we did not plan on being Aviruse's deadliest assassins. We never planned this to happen. We did not want to earn the title of Aviruse's deadliest assassins. We were just trying to survive.

Eventually we got tired of trying to survive the competition, so we started a rumor that Kaycee and Azata were killed by a dark figure. People actually believed it and that was only because they wanted us dead. We went by the names Jalki and Wylis. But now I go by Kaycee, my real name, again. People shiver when they hear my name but I don't care. The competition is long gone and so is the memories of Azata and being Aviruse's deadliest assassins. But in a way, we still are."

She explained all of it in one long breath. She explained the whole story right there in his face. She finished digging the hole and she placed Azata in. She did not know why she explained her story to a dead Azata body, but it just felt right. It somehow felt right, and she thought about what to say on her way to his body. It was like her elegy.  

She kissed Azata's dead body and then began burring Azata. The rain had died down so her tears could not be hidden anymore. But she did not care at that point. She let them fall down, and she did not care if there was some snot. Why would she try and hide her sadness for Azata's death? She obviously cared more than she thought she did. She cared a lot.

She finally finished burring him and put the shovel on top of where he was lying. She could have sworn that she heard a second heart beat while doing it. She took a deep breath and slowly walked back to the village, with the memories of Azata deep in her heart and thoughts.

+   +   +   +

Walking back to her house was a struggle. She tried not to have a breakdown and that she would not burst into tears. But she held it together. She finally reached the village. It was getting a little more populated since it was becoming morning and it was no longer raining. There were some vendors already out, hoping to get a little extra coins if they started earlier. It was still cloudy so nobody could see the sunrise.

Kaycee loved the sunrise. She loved the swift and contrasting colors that it made. Azata admired the sunset a little more because of the orange and pink colors it left. She loved the sunrise because it was the sign of a brand new day ahead, and she loved the feeling of a brand new day, especially after a hard and depressing one.

After a long walk she bumped into someone without looking. She looked up. It was a tall man. He had brown hair that was really short, but he was not bald. He had dark brown eyes and he had a smile on his face, an evil smile. He looked a little familiar to Kaycee, but she knew that she had never seen him before. But he looked so familiar, in a bad way though.

"Kaycee Williams," he greeted with an evil smile and tone.

Kaycee froze. How did this person know her name, especially her last name? And then it finally hit her. She did know this guy. How could she not recognize who this guy was? This guy is the reason why she killed Azata, and yet she does not even recognize his face? This guy is the reason why she is where she is right now. This guy has changed her life. This guy is Ulebra Jones.


Kaycee (Kay-see)

Azata (As-ah-ta) (Az-a-ta not Az-ata)

Ulebra (You-lee-bruh)

Jalki (Jal-key)

Wylis (Why-lis)

Aviruse (Av-eye-rue-see)

Lumaine (Lou-main)


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