Life in my stomach


1. 1.Falling


So my name is Jasmine Beth-Ann Wilson and im your everday average teenager.... As far as people now. My father,Dr.Wilson the scientist , was killed in an experiment two years ago which left me and my mother and my two month old brother ,Grayson, alone. After a year of battling depression my mother killed her self. She felt there was no escaping it. I guess she wasn't thinking about me or Grayson when she done it but I totally understand why now.

Grayson lives with our grandmother now and it's the best thing for him. Although I miss him dearly everyday it's what he deserves. I live in the apartment that was meant for me and my ex boyfriend who left me for my ex bestfreind. It's crazy how fake people can be.

Now I had been talking to this guy named Alex for about two months.He's so amazing! Or he was any way. After us dating for a few weeks I was convinced he was the one. We had sex and I was no longer a virgin. Then a week later he left me to take care of another girls baby. He said she needed someone there for her and they've been friends for a long time. About a month in a half after that I was rushed to the hospital for cutting my self. After I had woke up the doctors told me I was pregnant. I didn't know what to do. It was Alex's baby and he's not gonna be there to take care of it. I broke down and started crying.

I finally had the sanity to quit cutting my self and taking drugs since I was pregnant and continued with my job and lonely life. I work at Marlene's Bakery. Everyday at noon there's this certain guy who comes in named Harry. He always orders a lemon tart with a coffee.

He came in today ordering two lemon tarts and two coffees.

Me: planning to have some company today huh Harry?

Harry: well I'm hoping so.

Me: is it a girl?

Harry: yes, and she's beautiful!!

Me: oh well what's her name?

Harry: I haven't figured that out yet. But I would really like to.

Me: well silly ask her why don't you?

Harry looks up at me with his beautiful green eyes.

Harry: alright, well here goes nothing...... What's your name?

I looked at him shocked.

Me: me? Uh well uh my name is Jasmine!

I'm barely able to talk.

Harry: well Jasmine would you like to sit with me today.

Me:I would love too!!

I take a quick break to the bathroom and check my self in the mirror. My baby bump is starting to be visible. I'll just slip on the loose fitting shirt in my car real fast and he will never notice.

Me: sorry I had to change my shirt I had flour all over me.

He smiles at me.

Harry: it's alright. After all I'm still getting to sit with the most beautiful girl in the world!

I can't help but to smile like a huge idiot.

Me and Harry talk for hours. I start feeling sick after a little bit.

Me: Harry I'm sorry I'm not feeling very well I think I need to go home.

Harry: here let me take you.

Me: Harry that's kind of you but I can walk.

Harry: no please let me take you home I don't feel comfortable with you walking alone.

I get into Harry's car and he drives me home. He walks me up to my apartment.

Harry: do you care if I give you my number just so you can umm you know call me if you ever need anything!?

He says really quickly.

Me: sure

I tell him. He writes on the back of a business card from a music store.

634-9063. Call me any time.


I slide the card in my pocket and give Harry a hug.

Harry: good night beautiful!

I tried to hide my stupid smile.

Me: good night Harry.

Let me know how you guys are liking it so far before I continue!! I accept hate! Any questions just ask!! Thanks babes❤️

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