The Runaway

I ran away from my abusive boyfriend who would never leave me alone. I could breath and he would be suspicious. Now you would think my parents would want me to get help or feel bad for me and love me, nope. They were just as bad. They kept me home schooled just so they could have more time to hurt me. Who is that coming for me this time? Is it my boyfriend running for me? Or could it be my savior?


3. Truth or Dare

When Ashton and I walked into the house, Luke said, "Hey, Ash texted us about you. I hope we don't mentally scar you for life." I gave a small laugh.

We sat on the couch and Mikey said, "Let's play truth or dare. Uh, Abby, truth or dare?"

I said, "Truth."

He said, "Okay, which one of us is your favourite?"

I looked around AF pondered the question even though I knew the answer. Finally, I said, "Luke."

Michael said, "So if I told you to kiss him would you?" I shrugged my shoulders. Michael said to Luke, "Luke, I dare you to kiss Abby."

Luke said, "But I never said dare."

Michael fired back, "Luke, you probably would have chosen dare anyway. Now kiss." I looked into Luke's deep blue eyes. He cupped my face softly with his hand, we closed our eyes, and we leant in. Suddenly, our lips met softly. The kiss was amazing as fireworks went off in my stomach. It was amazing.

It was Luke's turn so he said, "Calum, run around the house naked three times." Calum got up and stripped before running around with everything hanging loose. We all laughed before he came back and clothed his self again.

The dares got crazier and crazier as the night progressed. Michael said, "Okay, I will go last and we will end like we started. Abby, truth or dare?"

I smiled, "Dare."

He gave me a devious smile and said, "Abby, I dare you to give Luke a nice kiss on his jawline and you can't stop the kisses until I say stop." I looked at Luke and hesitantly started the kissing. Luke let a few moans escape his lips even though he tried to contain himself.

That wasn't exactly the end of the night but I will let you imagine what else happened. ;)

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